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Analog Way Picturall Media Servers

Vickie Claiborne • October 2018Product Spotlight • October 13, 2018

Next month will mark one year since Analog Way, a Paris-based supplier of pro AV solutions, announced its acquisition of Picturall, a manufacturer of high performance media servers based in Finland. Analog Way’s Picturall media server offerings are engineered to drive corporate events, live shows, high-end theater productions or large-scale digital signage projects from a single server unit. Here’s a look at this range of modular, heavy-duty media servers, all of which promise high levels of performance and reliability for the largest and most demanding of projects.

The Picturall range includes four servers: Picturall Uncompressed, Picturall Pro, Picturall Twin and Picturall Quad. All feature a stable and high-performance Linux engine, support for resolutions beyond 8K, flexible integration with third-party control systems and a modular design with extensive I/O capability including 4K60 inputs.

‡‡                     A Closer Look

Here’s a closer look at what each of these four models offer:

  • Picturall Uncompressed: With an impressive 8K@30 10-bit uncompressed playback performance, the Uncompressed is designed to deliver extreme performance and unrivaled video quality for stunning visual shows. It has up to 12x 4K@60 10-bit pixel accurate outputs.
  • Picturall Pro: The Picturall Pro features up to 16 4K@60 10-bit pixel accurate outputs and is built for support of massive events and installations from a single server unit.
  • Picturall Quad: The Picturall Quad is positioned as the heavy-duty design Quad 4K@60 10-bit outputs and is designed for larger scale events and installations.
  • Picturall Twin: The Picturall Twin is positioned as a cost-effective model. With dual 4K@60 10-bit outputs, it is designed for medium-sized events and installations.

‡‡                     Common Features

Here’s a closer look at the features shared by all media servers in the Picturall range.

  • Customized and optimized Linux operating system
  • Unlimited media width and height (using the PKRL codec and limited only by hardware performance)
  • Programmable outputs and layers positioning, rotation, color correction, warping, blending, and more
  • 36 real-time effects including comprehensive keying options
  • Pixel accurate synchronization between all outputs
  • Soft-edge blending of multiple projectors
  • Support for custom output resolutions for LED walls
  • Flexible cue-based show programming
  • Apple Pro Res authorized product
  • HTML browser input for layers
  • Support for H.264 and H.265 network streams
  • Support for direct Art-Net or TCP/IP control or use the included Picturall Commander software for complete control
  • Compatibility with DMX/ArtNet lighting consoles such as MA2
  • Optional control interface options via RS232 or AMX/Crestron drivers
  • Multi-user control
  • Automatic show start on boot
  • Three-year standard warranty, expandable to five years
  • Optional two-channel audio interface with balanced XLR outputs
  • Support for optional multichannel audio interfaces via USB
  • Audio formats WAV, MP2, and AAC
  • Ruggedized, rack mountable chassis
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz standard
  • Optional redundant, hot swappable power supplies

Along with the features above, all servers offer support for media formats including:

  • PRKL (Picturall’s proprietary codec for very high resolutions)
  • PRKL Alpha
  • Apple ProRes (any version including ProRes 4444)
  • H.264, H.265
  • JPG, TGA, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG with alpha channel
  • Uncompressed image sequences (TGA, DPX)
  • HTML-based web content with full Java script support
  • RTSP network streams
  • Generated texts

‡‡                     Model Differences

Now that you’ve seen the solid foundation that all Picturall media servers are built on, let’s take a closer look at the differences between the models in the line.

Playback: The Picturall Pro and Uncompressed are both designed for mission critical 24/7 applications and can handle extreme playback. Both allow for a canvas size of up to 128K pixels across. While the Pro can handle uncompressed playback of up to 4K@30, the Uncompressed can handle playback up to 8K@30. Optional Genlock and Framelock cards are available for the Pro and Uncompressed, but not the Twin and Quad.

Outputs: All servers in the Picturall range support resolution of up to 4096×2160@60Hz 10-bit and full 4:4:4 color sampling. The Twin supports 2 x DP 1.2 outputs, the Quad supports 4 x DP 1.2 outputs, the Uncompressed supports up to 12 x DP 1.2, and the Pro supports up to 16 x DP 1.2 outputs.

Networking: The Twin and Quad both feature a 1 Gb EtherCON port for Networking, while the Pro and Uncompressed both feature 2 x 1 Gb EtherCON ports.

Input Cards: Optional low latency input cards featuring either 2 x HDMI 1.4, 4 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x 3G-SDI, 4 x 3G-SDI, 1 x DVI and 2 x DVI, are available for the Picturall range. The Twin and Quad both support up to two input cards; the Uncompressed supports up to 5 input cards; and the Pro supports up to 4 input cards.

Media Storage: The Twin features 275GB SSD — speed 500 MB/S – Optional 525GB or 1TB drive. The Quad features a 525GB SSD — speed 1000 MB/s — Optional 1TB drive. The Pro features a 1000GB SSD -speed 1000 MB/S — Optional 2TB drive. The Uncompressed comes standard with a 2TB ultra high-speed media storage with 4TB and 8TB options available. From the specs, the 8TB claims ~80 min of uncompressed playback at 4K@60.

At a Glance

Robust and Dependable

Picturall media servers from Analog Way promise to serve as robust and dependable playback solutions for a wide range of projects and budgets. Whether you are looking for a powerful and cost effective dual 4K solution (i.e., the Twin), a quad 4K solution (the Quad), or a server with massive playback capabilities (the Pro) and/or stunning visual performance (the Uncompressed), this range of servers is ready for the task.

Picturall Media Servers from Analog Way

Picturall Uncompressed: 8K@30 10-bit uncompressed playback performance, up to 12x 4K@60 10-bit pixel accurate outputs. MSRP: From $45,000.

Picturall Pro: Up to 16 4K@60 10-bit pixel accurate outputs. MSRP: From $38,390.

Picturall Quad: Quad 4K@60 10-bit outputs, for larger scale events and installations. MSRP: From $17,990.

Picturall Twin: Dual 4K@60 10-bit outputs, for medium-sized events and installations. MSRP: From $10,590.

More Info: Analog Way Americas, 678.487.6644;,


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