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Elation Proteus Lucius

Nook Schoenfeld • February 2021Product Spotlight • February 5, 2021

Elation Proteus Lucius

Elation has released the latest and most compact product in their IP65 line of Proteus fixtures, the Lucius. The name itself is Latin for “light” and, after checking all the features this fixture offers, many may refer to this fixture as luscious, because she’s certainly a beauty.

The Lucius serves as a smaller version of the popular Proteus Maximus for events that still require a bright light, just not one that can light the side of a mountain from miles away. The fixture serves up a highly commendable 33,500 lumens of bright white light with a native temperature of 6500°K, emitted from a 580 watt light engine. Similar to the Maximus, the fixture maintains a 2.5:1 hot spot ratio that allows for a powerful projection and longer throw of the beam rather than a perfectly flat field. This is intentional and cannot be altered with lensing.

The native CRI output is listed at 71, which is great for color mixing, but can be bumped up to 85> by placing the HCRI filter in the beam’s path. Elation has the bulb life listed at 30,000 hours. Replacing the light engine when it dims is simple in all Proteus fixtures. However, they state that, like most moving lights, the light engine will probably outlast the fixture itself.

The Lucius is equipped with two modes of operation, the basic 43 channel mode and the extended 68. The electronic dimmer has different curves to choose from, and the strobe functions accordingly with most other fixtures.

‡‡         Hardware

Physically, the Lucius is still a large sized moving light topping out at just over 26 inches high and weighing in at just under 90 pounds. At full intensity, it will draw 950 watts while accepting any AC input from 100 to 240 volts. There are handles on the base, but they are noticeably absent from the yoke. Though the locking tilt and pan make it easy enough to flip over for a floor light, one supposes.

All of the connectors are of the locking IP65-rated type, including the AC, In/out 5-pin DMX connectors as well as an RJ-45 to support DMX, RDM, Art-NET and sACN protocols. The six-button Touch Control Panel is easy to manipulate and can be 180° reversible for the technician’s pleasure. The fixture sits fine on its head, and all clamps are accessories the buyer must purchase.

The base of the structure is made from die cast aluminum. The inside of the dirt, smoke and waterproof fixture is protected by two shells. Elation has an IP tester kit to take out humid air and test the seals after any technical work is done on the fixture.

‡‡         Manipulating the Beam

This fixture is not missing any single feature from a designer’s point of view. For shaping the beam, the fast zoom mechanism can go from 5.5° to 50°, quite capable of making a zoom chase. A motorized iris comes complete with pulse effects. As with many Elation products, different macros come into play including color, framing, prism and frost filters for quickly programming snazzy effects. The focus lens can be enabled to keep a gobo pattern sharp as the zoom size changes.

Four full-wipe blackout framing blades with +/-45° Framing Indexing are fast enough to do effects with as well. The two variable frost filters, referred to as “light and wash,” do indeed turn this profile into a wash fixture effectively. The full wash frost function is capable of hiding an inserted gobo for a later reveal. The light frost is great for taking the edge off of patterns and texturing scenery.

To split up the beam, a bi-directional continuous animation wheel resembles a Christmas wreath. It proves effective for making water and fire type effects, especially when combined with a gobo pattern and the correct focus.

Gobo-wise the Lucius is packed with 20 interchangeable glass patterns on three separate wheels. Thirteen of the patterns are available on two wheels that have bidirectional, variable speed rotation. Another seven are on a static wheel. The gobos are fairly original for the most part, with a few variations of familiar, popular patterns. A wide variety of both texture and aerial patterns are intertwined with only one split colored gobo included, which is great for gobo rolls. A four-facet as well as linear prism are also available, with each able to play together simultaneously, if warranted, at variable speed in either direction.

The color system is made up of variable CYM as well as CTO flags that come in from two sides mixing most colors you can imagine. A color wheel comes equipped with four deeply saturated dichroic filters (red, green, orange, blue) plus the High CRI filter.

At a Glance:

 A Waterproof Work Horse

The Lucius is intended as a general workhorse fixture with the IP65 rating as an added benefit. The optics are sealed from dust and dirt, making this a good rental production fixture with very low maintenance.

Elation Proteus Lucius

PROS: IP65 rating, Purposely designed with a hot spot that’s great for distance and punch. Complete toolbox of features for any designer, bright enough for any stage.

CONS: Could use side handles.


Manufacturer: Elation Professional

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