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ETC Source Four Fresnel

PLSN Staff • Product Spotlight • September 16, 2011

Earlier this year, Electronic Theatre Controls surprised the industry with one of their latest products, the Source Four Fresnel.  With all of the developments in LED technology and the push for greener products, who would have thought that a new tungsten product would come to market. ETC did!

For years, the theatrical market has been asking ETC for a Fresnel fixture to help round out a theatres fixture inventory. Not just because of the name that stands behind the product, but the quality of fixtures associated with the Source Four line. Add to that the single lamp, the HPL, that is required for the entire fixture line, which eliminates the need to stock various lamp types for numerous fixture types. One lamp for one line.


Bright Ideas

With ETC’s Source Four Fresnel, you choose the lamp wattage that best suits your particular application and energy requirements — from 375W to 575W to 750W lamps. And when you need to re-lamp a Source Four Fresnel, ETC’s clever new design makes your work easier than ever. The innovative socket and access door let you change out the lamp from underneath the fixture — without having to break focus, saving time and trouble.

ETC has combined the best of their Source Four HPL lamp technology with the singular optics of a traditional Fresnel. ETC’s Fresnel offers the light output and energy efficiencies of a Source Four and the lighting characteristics that only a Fresnel optical system can provide. ETC has also combined this classic system with a special ETC dichroic reflector design, enabling the HPL 750W Source Four Fresnel to equal the lumens output of 1000W Fresnel fixtures.


Fixture Focusing

ETC has also rethought the fixture focusing mechanics. Whatever physically awkward spot you’re working in, the design makes it easier for you to adjust the fixture from spot to flood with a full-sized zoom knob you can get a real grip on. The Focusing knob is similar to the zoom knobs found on the Source Four Zoom range of fixtures.  The Fresnel offers a field angle zoom range from 20° to 65°.

The yoke has a slide bracket that allows you to set the perfect center of gravity for using all your existing 7.5-inch accessories.  The color frame slot also has a full length cover to minimize lens light bleed. And, like all Source Fours, the ETC Fresnel is a rugged workhorse — made of die-cast aluminum.

ETC has launched a new website to help customers get to know the Source Four Fresnel: Layers of Light. To take a tour of ETC’s newest fixtures and to learn more about Layers of Light, visit





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