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GAM Plexus Master Lighting Control

PLSN Staff • Product Spotlight • January 11, 2012

Controlling lights can be as simple or as complicated as you like.  Traditionally, lighting designers have been limited on how the control surfaces are laid out by the desk manufacturers.  Depending on which lighting desk you get, you are limited to a set amount of faders or how you access and control parameters of a moving light.

As lighting professionals, we deal with it by learning the syntax and gaining muscle memory of where certain controls are on the desk. GAM has thrown out that methodology and offers you the building blocks of a control surface that you design, as you want to use it.

The GAM Plexus software-based lighting control system debuted at LDI 2011 in Orlando. GAM Plexus is designed to convert a PC into a complete lighting control system able to handle conventional lights, moving lights or any device — all of which can be controlled by DMX, ACN 1.31 or Art-Net Signals.

The software, designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, uses a “Magic Sheet” pictorial layout and user-configurable interface. Fixtures, groups, or other kinds of controls can be positioned on screen in a way that makes sense to the user. Multiple program screens increase the visibility of information and options for organization.

Integrated libraries include popular light fixtures, most moving lights, and the top three lines of color and patterns. If they can’t find a particular fixture profile, GAM Plexus offers users the ability to build custom fixture assemblies and add them to the library.

A fully-functioning demo version of GAM Plexus software can be downloaded for free any number of times on any number of computers. The limitation is that users will need the security key available for purchase from GAM to be plugged into the computer running the equipment. Otherwise DMX values will go to zero every few minutes. That is the only limit on the program without the security key. However, users can plan, lay out and edit shows on multiple computers and simply transfer the files to the show computer to run.

GAM Plexus is only available on Windows, but can be utilized by a Mac with Boot Camp partition.  The drawback with any computer-based lighting control is the requirement of a mouse.  Integrating touch screens into the systems negates that fear and offers touch control.  Since the system us computer based, adding your style and method of input is as easy as plugging it in and letting Windows find the hardware.

The retail price for a single universe DMX dongle is $800. Additional universes can be purchased at $400 each. Upgrades to the software are free of charge for the first year. New fixtures and other library additions will be made available free of charge.

For more information, or to download a demo version of GAM Pleaxus, visit

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