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INFiLED’s Digital Wallpaper Series

PLSN Staff • October 2020Product Spotlight • October 9, 2020

Razor thin edges make for seamless gaps

People’s expectation and demands for high-definition visualization and thinner video devices have never stopped, even the rising star as LED must meet the trend. Since the day they got in this business, INFiLED has been working on the development and research of a series of fine-pixel pitch LED displays products for a long time and launched WP Series special for the fixed market which offer an ideal combination of ultra-thin, superior picture quality and intuitive usability.

Wallpaper mounted on a trolley

‡‡         Digital Wallpaper Solution

High resolution content has emerged as a popular upgrade for businesses seeking an extra engagement edge in crowded indoor spaces. To make this state-of-the-art content delivery and inviting visual environment possible, INFiLED recognize the business need for ultra-thin, versatile, cost-efficient, high resolution and easy-to-use LED displays. WP Series is the latest extension of INFiLED’s ongoing commitment to continuous LED innovation, which is flagship digital LED display. There are countless applications for modular WP series fine pixel pitch screens, such as broadcast, education, corporate, trade shows galleries and museums.

“IMD” or “COB” is the latest and most advanced LED technology on the market today, and INFiLED uses this cutting-edge LED technology in its new products development. The LEDs are brighter, consume less power, and output a higher quality beam of light compared to older LED technologies. WP series applied COB and IMD technology, the sophisticated fine pitch LEDs are more durable and robust.

The WP series all-in-one design is the perfect solution for any installation requiring ultra-high definition. When choosing your LED wall’s pixel pitch, you should consider your audience’s viewing angle and distance. The closer people are to your screen, the lower you’ll want to go with the pixel pitch. Fine pitch LED displays are the ideal choice for close-range viewing. INFiLED offers the finest direct-view screens with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9mm to 3.1mm and pixel pitch as small as 0.93 mm. If you want a quality picture, this option provides the best. It can keep high-uniformity, even at close working distances. The cabinet dimensions of 600×337.5×38.5mm (23.62×13.29×1.52 inches) and a golden ratio of 16:9 combined with fine pixel pitch allow the setup of 2K, 4K, 8K resolution displays achievable. INFiLED’s large-format WP series LED screens offer high and reliable performance and are big on impact.

For added installation flexibility, the WP Series displays leverage a compact design that is significantly slimmer and lighter than comparable alternatives. With an ultra-thin edge thickness of only 29.5mm and an intuitive slim line mounting system, Digital Wallpaper saves space for demanding environments. The combined thickness is only 37mm when mounted with the slim line floating bracket. Slim-line floating mounting brackets allow for quick and easy installation and results in a flat, seamless finish.

Because of the way it’s designed, WP series LED displays are seamlessly connected, and the LED modules have razor-thin gaps. This means that indoor video walls have none of the grid lines that are evident when the LED modules are joined together in a typical configuration. Along with corner screen building options for creative applications, Digital Wallpaper can also be mounted on a trolley to transform into high definition mobile Digi-boards. With extra safety from an anti-collision rim, the LEDs can be well protected. This versatility provides an attractive and customizable alternative to standard scoreboards and tiled LCD walls broken up by bezels. WP series LED displays are a way to give your facility the upgrade it needs.

Digital Wallpaper features full front service modules for efficient hassle-free maintenance to critical signage components ensures a neat installation free of catwalk space., resulting in minimal screen downtime. The innovation service tool ensures the panel is protected during maintenance. Through an intuitive, easy-to-manage design, the WP Series displays help indoor users improve overall operational efficiency while reducing required expenses. Versatile full-front service access grants additional installation and service flexibility. The innovative vacuum suction tool prevents damage to the LEDs during maintenance. The displays’ advanced UHD compatibility and signal redundancy also eliminate the need for multiple external devices and tools. It can use traditional control solutions or local inputs, and media players can be integrated into the unit to make it a complete stand-alone screen.

These cutting-edge displays combine market-leading video processing tools with specialized LED High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology to maximize brightness and refine overall picture presentation to showcase a detailed and realistic picture. Each WP Series display additionally is customized for unique indoor content needs, the maximum brightness of WP series for indoor applications can be reach as high as 1500nits. Indoor users can trust INFiLED’s WP Series displays to deliver engaging content at the speed and unique demands of their business. Each WP Series display undergoes rigorous durability testing to ensure continuous performance regardless of surrounding conditions.

Compatibility with various color gamut settings, including the sRGB, AdobeRGB and LED Natural Mode spectra, enables the WP Series displays to emphasize brilliant color expression customized for specific environmental needs. Users can also customize color gamut conditions to meet their advanced needs and achieve seamless content delivery. Superior thermal performance also extends product live while increasing product stability and reliability.

CAV integrators deliver an ultra-high resolution screen to the Club Central Hurstville

Case Study: INFiLED Digital Wallpaper Screen at Club Central Hurstville

INFiLED partner VuePix INFiLED team collaborated once again with CAV integrators to deliver an ultra-high resolution screen for the Club Central Hurstville near Sydney, Australia.

The new sleek digital wall has been installed in the club’s lounge/gaming area, delivering superior image quality to entertain all patrons and guests.

CAV specializes in providing bespoke solutions to club-owners, hotels, venues, educational institutions, private corporations as well as councils and government departments, installing the most advanced AV technology to help them operate their businesses. Club Central Hurstville has been one of their many long-term clients, so when it came to upgrade their facility and audio-visual equipment, the club’s management trusted CAV to choose the very best technology to fit the purpose.

“The initial brief from the client was that they wanted the largest and brightest screen for the area which could be serviced from the front,” explains Steve Hansen, general manager of CAV. “This made choosing the product easy, as INFiLED’s Digital Wallpaper display was the perfect for the application. It provides the Club’s patrons with an immersive, seamless digital display experience and we have received great feedback from the Club.”

The Digital Wallpaper is INFiLED’s flagship ultra-thin, ultra-high resolution digital LED display. With an ultra-thin edge thickness of less than 30mm and an intuitive slim line mounting system, it can be fitted into any space and attached to any surface without creating any obstruction.

The new digital platform fitted in the club is 4.8m wide and 2.7m high, with a resolution of 1.8mm. The whole screen was installed in minimal time, thanks to the slim-line floating mounting brackets, resulting in a flat, seamless finish. With front service LED modules, the screen design will allow for efficient and hassle-free maintenance and minimal screen downtime.

“We always enjoy working with the team at CAV, together delivering exceptional projects to their customers,” says Nathan Wright, VuePix INFiLED product manager. “The Digital Wallpaper was the perfect fit for this application, the first of the 1.8mm series installed in New South Wales. The CAV team were able to install the screen in under two days with no issues at all and an excellent outcome for everyone.”

The content for the screen is controlled and optimized by NovaStar’s Ultra HD Junior Processor.

The new Digital Wallpaper screen has provided a completely new dimension and entertainment factor to Club Central in Hurstville, who have just recently reopened as a “Covid-Safe” venue. They are now ready and very excited to welcome their loyal patrons back to their premises.

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