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LumenRadio CRMX Nova FX RDM

PLSN Staff • Product Spotlight • April 12, 2011

LumenRadio recently announced availability in the U.S. of their latest wireless DMX/RDM/Ethernet device, the CRMX Nova FX (Flex) RDM. The CRMX, or Cognitive Radio Multiplexer technology, is an automated and adaptive wireless technology that was designed and developed specifically for the lighting industry. It adapts to its surroundings to maximize performance and range while minimizing interference with other systems. Data delivery and DMX/RDM frame integrity is also ensured by advanced error correction algorithms and packet redundancy.  Data is further protected by 128-bit encryption across the wireless network, eliminating the worry of being hijacked or corrupted by different signals.


The Nova FX RDM holds true to its name, Flex. It can be configured to operate as a transmitter or receiving device for a single DMX universe. LumenRadio also added support for Remote Device Management, (RDM), Streaming ACN, (sACN), Pathport, ETCNet 2 & 3, ArtNet I & II, and Strand ShowNet protocols. The Nova FX RDM can be configured to either input or output any of these Ethernet protocols, as well as DMX/RDM. This means that, not only does the device provide wireless connectivity, but also protocol conversion between any of the supported protocols.


The FX RDM can be configured through the free SuperNova software. It will provide a comprehensive view of all the connected devices where each device can be configured and monitored. SuperNova also includes a complete integrated RDM controller. Any connected RDM-capable devices can be remotely monitored and configured in SuperNova's graphical user interface.


All CRMX Nova models are enclosed in an extruded anodized aluminum enclosure and operate on frequencies between 2402 and 2480 MHz. LumenRadio states that they have tested the range link between devices to work effectively up to 500 meters in urban areas using the 100 mW output mode on the devices.


The FX RDM features a 5-pin Neutrik XLR connector for DMX/RDM and an RJ45 connector for Ethernet connectivity.  The Flex concept extends to the power supply options, which include an IEC connector for 85-264VAC, a pluggable terminal for 12VDC to accommodate battery operated applications and  Power over Ethernet.           


The front of the device provides simple controls and indicating lights for the different types of protocols the device is using, as well as the current wireless signal strength (when used as a receiver). To connect the FX device to the other wireless device, it is as simple as pressing the connect button on the front side of the device.


TMB is exclusive distributor for LumenRadio in North America and the UK. The web address:

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