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Magmatic: Elation’s New Atmospheric and Effect Brand

Jim Hutchison • July 2020Product Spotlight • July 8, 2020


The very quiet Polar Crisp snow machine from Magmatic

Entertainment lighting manufacturer Elation has brought to market a series of atmospheric and dedicated LED-driven ultraviolet products under the brand Magmatic. Unveiled at LDI 2019, Elation’s choice to produce atmospheric effects and dedicated ultraviolet LED fixtures makes clear sense, having carried the Antari atmospheric product line for so long. Their lighting offerings cover an enormous umbrella of applications; having an in-house brand of atmospheric products helps boost sales of lighting systems and keeps the Elation brand across the entire package.

Elation’s product lifecycle process over the years has yielded an ever-increasing selection of fixtures and equipment that is dependable, and unsurprisingly people are depending on their products to light major market productions. The planning and product management of this new atmospheric equipment line also fits alongside the Elation ideal of sturdy gear that can bounce off the truck and onto the truss. (Stand by, we’ll hit that in a minute.)

The industry question everyone’s wanting to ask: What happened with Antari? Well, nothing has happened with Antari, it’s just business. “We have had the pleasure of a great ten-year relationship with Antari, and they’ve decided to go in another direction,” says Anthony Velazquez, the product specialist for Magmatic products. “We felt that we’ve been given an opportunity to make a strong atmospheric products line and to create that line with the needs of our customers in mind. Customer feedback drove a lot of decisions on product features, and Magmatic is the result of that.”

You’ll recognize Anthony as a knowledgeable product specialist who tended to the Antari lines at Elation, and logically he has switched gears to deliver on the Magmatic front. However, customers who have purchased Antari equipment can rest assured that they can depend on service and customer support through Elation, and there is still Antari product on the shelves ready to ship. That’s a good news bite for customers who bought Antari product — you haven’t been abandoned.


‡‡         Market Targets

Elation’s strategy for Magmatic seems to be similar to the other products across their lighting lines: a useful number of features while still keeping those features refined, a rough and rugged body that survives production life, and for when things inevitably need servicing, the design of the fixture is conducive to shop level repair. Elation’s FUZE Profile moving head is a good example of those principles in practice. Magmatic products seem to follow those rigid guidelines.

“I think Magmatic products blur boundaries a bit when it comes to how useful the products are in a variety of applications,” Velazquez says. “Looking at mid-level production across the spectrum, most of the entry-level Magmatic products are versatile enough to perform consistently and reliably from festivals to tours, and as you scale your events larger, you can expect the Magmatic products to scale with you.”

There are six product lines in the Magmatic wheelhouse on the market, from oil-based arena hazers and snow machines to their own line of universal fog/haze fluid. Magmatic covers haze and fog machines with their Magma and Thermatic series; an advanced UV LED lighting product line with the Prisma series; atmospheric snow machines with the Polar series; CO2 cryogenic simulation effects with the Rocket series; and a complete line of specially formulated effect fluids called Atmosity. We’re going to cover three of these — the Magma Prime hazer, the Prisma series of true 365nm UV LED lighting, and the Polar Crisp.

Magma Prime, the workhorse hazer in the Magmatic family of products

‡‡         Magma Prime

Magma Prime is Magmatic’s flagship workhorse hazer, a 700W water-based model that is touted as a ruggedly built, all-purpose scale-less hazer. It has been popular since 2019’s LDI Show, when it was revealed. “It’s hard core and dependable,” says Velazquez. “It’s a great machine that we sell to pro-level customers and entry level customers. What’s huge about this, on top of the volume of its output and light weight — it’s only 22.5 pounds — is that Magma Prime is built to protect itself. We opened up the fluid intake and added some features to extend the life of the hazer even further while saving you money.” Velazquez is talking about the Prime’s Advanced HPA, or High-Pressure Air pump technology that reduces the risk of heater clogging. In addition, an automatic cleaning routine and an auto shutoff that applies when no fluid is detected are built into the unit for ease of use.

Magma Prime’s construction is a feature — the unit weighs 22.5 pounds, has a carrying handle, and is built from aluminum. It’s got volume — 4,000 cubic feet per minute — and consumes about 3.4 mL of fluid per minute. With its 1.3-liter tank, you’re looking at five to six hours of haze on full. The unit has an onboard touchscreen panel for access, manual and time-control options, and it runs DMX-512 and RDM through its 5-pin XLR in and through connectors. Both wired remote control (via the onboard 4-pin XLR) and wireless RF remote control options are available for Magma Prime.

The Prisma Series of 365nm ultraviolet LED fixtures

‡‡         The Prisma UV LED Line

Prisma products in the Magmatic catalogue are invisible 365nm ultraviolet LED wash fixtures with a tough IP65 water rating for exterior work and versatile for indoor work. These fixtures are promoted as being for “anything with a UV element,” but that is going to mean a serious range of events — glow parties, seasonal/themed events, touring production, install work involving clubs and bars and houses of worship. These fixtures are fanless, feature medical grade UV LEDs, and have silicone lenses that claim to degrade less over time than plastic lenses due to the powerful nature of ultraviolet light at 365nm.

Prisma is broken up into par, bar, and panel washer fixture styles, with the par and bar models divided into 120V versions and 24V “Mini” versions that can be installed and powered in groups using the Prisma Driver 8 power unit. All of these fixtures are rated IP65, and all feature 2W UV LEDs.

In Pars, the Prisma Par 20 features 12 LEDs at 20 degrees beam angle, while the larger Prisma Par 50 uses 16 LEDs at a 50-degree beam angle. In Wash Panels, there are two units that both use 38 LEDs and have a Black Glass diffuser to give the fixtures a completely blacked out effect — the Prisma Wash 25 and the Prisma Wash 100. The Wash 25 has a 25-degree beam angle for those super-long wash shots, and the Wash 100 has a pretty impressive 90-degree beam angle to cover shorter shots and lower heights. Both Wash panels have LCD displays and 5-pin in and through XLR connections, and they run on DMX over copper, Art-Net and utilize RDM.

Prisma Mini fixtures are 24V units that use the Driver 8 for power, and they can be used in groups of up to eight on one Driver 8 unit. Prisma Mini Par 20 and Mini Par 45 have beam angles of 20 degrees and 45 degrees, respectively; both utilizing seven of the 2W LEDs. The Prisma Mini Bar 20 is a strip-format washer with ten LEDs and a 20-degree beam angle that’s the right size for tucking in those tight places where you need to sneak a fixture. “The entire Prisma line also includes variable dimming curves, high speed electronic strobe, and automatically switching power supplies,” Velazquez adds.

The very quiet Polar Crisp snow machine from Magmatic

‡‡ Polar Crisp

It’s worth discussing: a 1250W snow machine that doesn’t sound like a generator. That’s the Polar Crisp in the Polar line from Magmatic — a high volume, variable snowflake size snow maker that can throw snow 40 feet across your event. It’s built hard, weighing in at 33.5 pounds, but it’s built to get beaten up as you find new uses for it in your inventory. The design is compact; truss locations or tower locations don’t seem to be a problem for Polar Crisp, which is definitely a key component for the road.

Crisp also uses its own in-house brand of fluid, Magmatic’s Atmosity Premium Snow Fluid, keeping your costs down in shipping and guaranteeing that you’re going to be able to get the fluid the manufacturer specified, directly from them.

You’re going to see a lot of the innovations for control and interface that you see in the Magma Prime, like a touchscreen control, options for wired and wireless remote, and DMX512 control. But simply put, one of the top three features of this snow machine is that it is quiet enough to be used indoors. Polar Crisp’s sound level is low enough for intimate event usage, which is a lot to be said for a snow machine. Magmatic made some excellent innovations in sound baffling for the Polar Crisp, most definitely best experienced hands-on.

Elation continues its commitment to the industry with these new atmospherics brand, to be expected. We’ve discussed three of six new product lines under the Magmatic brand, and this is the tip of the iceberg for this new division of Elation. “With Magmatic, we are empowering users to create unparalleled experiences with machines that last a lifetime,” says Eric Loader, director of sales and marketing for Elation. “We’re committed to designing products that are built to last, user intuitive and dependable. In short, Magmatic is world class atmospherics and we’re excited to be offering them.” This writer highly recommends checking out the Polar line of snow machines that feature whisper-quiet operation, which is difficult to do right. While you’re there, make sure to check out Magmatic’s Thermatic line of oil-based haze machines, the Rocket CO2 cryo-cannon with RGB LED wash effect, and their Atmosity universal fog and haze fluid.

At a Glance:

Magma Prime Hazer

  • 700W water-based hazer
  • 4,000 CFM* (cubic feet per minute; 113 m3/min*)
  • Advanced HPA (high pressure air) pump technology
  • Auto shutoff (when no liquid is detected)
  • Auto-clean process
  • Compact, lightweight robust design
  • On-board LCD touch control panel
  • Optional E-Fly wireless DMX transceiver
  • Optional RF wireless and wired remotes

Polar Crisp

  • 1,250W high-volume snow machine
  • Silent operation for noise sensitive environments
  • Advanced apf (air pump fan) technology
  • Auto-clean process
  • Compact, lightweight robust design
  • Onboard lcd touch control panel
  • Optional E-Fly wireless dmx transceiver
  • Optional rf wireless and wired remotes

Prisma 365nm UV Series

Prisma Wash 100:

  • IP65-rated exterior high-power UV wash luminaire
  • Scoop LED reflector design
  • 90-degree wide beam angle
  • 365nm peak true UV wavelength
  • Optional black glass diffusion filter


Prisma Wash 25:

  • IP65 Rated exterior high power UV wash luminaire
  • 20-degree-wide beam angle
  • 365nm peak true UV wavelength
  • Zero visible light output
  • IP rated power and data In/Out pigtail cables attached
  • Optional black glass diffusion filter


Prisma Par 50:

  • IP65-rated exterior high-power UV wash par luminaire
  • 50-degree-wide beam angle
  • 365nm peak true UV wavelength
  • Zero visible light output


Prisma Mini Bar 20*:

  • IP65-rated exterior high-power UV wash bar luminaire
  • 20-degree narrow beam angle
  • 365nm true UV peak wavelength
  • Zero visible light output
  • IP-rated power/data pigtail cable attached

*Preliminary info, check for updates


Prisma Mini Par 45:

  • IP65-rated exterior high-power UV wash par luminaire
  • 45-degree wide beam angle
  • 365nm true UV peak wavelength
  • Zero visible light output
  • IP-rated power/data pigtail cable attached


Manufacturer: Elation Professional

More Info:



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