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Model 1212-DIN DMX512/RDM Splitter from Doug Fleenor Design

Jim Hutchison • July 2018Product Spotlight • July 13, 2018

It’s a safe bet that, at some point in your lighting career, you have used a Doug Fleenor Design DMX product, whether it be a Opto/Iso box, a DMX Splitter, or any number of protocol interfaces — DMX to DALI, DMX to Analog boxes and the very popular NODE series units, for example. My first was a DMX to AMX device back in the middle of the 1990’s that allowed a programmable DMX console to speak to some old blue TTI dimmers. I certainly hope some of you just had a flashback! There’s a reason that he’s called “Dr. DMX.” In the trade show circuit, you’ll easily spot Dr. DMX wearing his white lab coat, surrounded by a sea of people in T-shirts asking if you’ve “GOT DMX?” and, inevitably, there will be some amazing contraption controlled via DMX, like the DMX Coffee Pot, the DMX Candy Machine and the DMX Blender.

Doug Fleenor Design’s newest product is geared to the install market, but it can also be used as a portable device, and it’s as robust as it is simple: the Model 1212 DMX512/RDM Splitter. The Model 1212-DIN is an economical bi-directional DMX512/RDM splitter, convection cooled, simple and easy to use. The 1212 makes power and signal connections for installation situations very easy — connect your wiring directly into the pluggable Phoenix terminal blocks and you’re up and running.

Fleenor’s Model 1212-DIN is made to be installed directly onto existing DIN rail, or DFD can install it into its own junction box (Model: 1212-DIN-JBOX), so the equipment can go directly into its location by the contractor once it arrives onsite. If you need to take a DMX512 input and split it into 12 independently driven outputs, Model 1212-DIN is the way. On a standard 36 inch wide DIN rail, you can fit six of the Model 1212-DIN units for maximum space usage and ease of installation, as is standard with Fleenor DMX products. If you’re looking for a rack-mount device, Doug Fleenor Design has many other options for standard and advanced DMX splitter products from which to choose.

The 1212 has one input, which is optically isolated from the outputs. The 12 outputs are independently driven, but are not electrically isolated from one another. There are no settings, jumpers or adjustments to mess with on the 1212; it only needs to be connected to a DMX512 or RDM signal source, on to dimmers, fixtures, or other “end devices,” and you’re sending signal. Feedback on the Model 1212-DIN is as simple as can be as well: a red LED indicates that power is present; a green LED indicates that DMX512 or RDM is present. Simple and easy, as is to be expected from Doug Fleenor Design.

The Model 1212-DIN splitter works with standard DMX512 signals: DMX512, DMX512/1990, DMX512-A or RDM. When using with RDM compliant equipment, the splitter can operate in bi-directional communication modes as required by the RDM protocol without any settings or adjustments needed to enable this capability.

The Model 1212-DIN is powered by a low voltage DC power source (9-24 VDC, 10W). Doug Fleenor Design does offer a compatible power supply for the 1212 in their junction box version (Model: 1212-DIN-JBOX-PS), or power can be supplied by the user.

At a Glance

At Home, On the Road

The 1212 DMX 512/RDM Splitter from Doug Fleenor Design may be designed for the install market, but it can also be used as a portable device for special events or touring gigs. All specifications meet or exceed DMX512 requirements.


Input Circuit: Protected EIA-485 receiver (LT1785)

Input Protection: Undamaged by up to 60 Volts continuous, 15KV transients

Input Signal: DMX512, DMX512/1990, DMX512-A, or RDM

Signal Connectors: Pluggable Phoenix terminal blocks. Three 12-position for outputs, one 3- position for input

Termination: Input and all outputs are terminated per RDM specifications

Power Input: 9-24 VDC, 10W, 2-position pluggable Phoenix terminal block

Indicators: Red POWER indicator, Green SIGNAL lights when DMX512 or RDM is present

Cooling: Convection cooling, no fan required

Isolation: DMX512/RDM input is optically isolated to 1,500 Volts.

Color: Black DIN rail tray with white circuit board

Tolerances: 0-40° C, 10-90% humidity, non-condensing

Mounting: DIN rail

Warranty: Five years parts and labor.


Size: 2” x 4.25” x 6” (H x D x W)

Weight: 10 oz.

MSRP: 1212-DIN, $925; 1212-DIN-JBOX (1212 in a NEMA 1 enclosure), $1,002; 1212-DIN-JBOX-PS (1212 in a NEMA 1 enclosure with power supply included), $1078

More Info:

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