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New Abstract Drop Designs from Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart

PLSN Staff • October 2020Product Spotlight • October 9, 2020

As the pandemic and myriad of local, state and national limitations on in-person shows have created production limitations performers and events have moved to new locations — drive-in concerts and new socially distanced production studios. It also means that the demand for interesting backdrops has increased. If you would like to consider a more cost-effective solution than a video wall — and eliminate all of the associated support equipment like media servers, consoles, networks, larger crews, digital content creation — look no farther than the new abstract backdrop designs from the industry leader, Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart. A fast and efficient way to quickly create an atmosphere, backdrops load-in easily needing only a person or two to hang them, simple to maintain social distance. By selecting a backdrop from Charles H. Stewart you save time, crew, and expense without sacrificing atmosphere, artistry and audience engagement.

‡‡         A Wide Range of Choices

Charles H. Stewart has been adding to their vast inventory of backdrops during 2020, including a number of wonderful new abstract designs, which look great on camera. Take a look at Blue Squares or Electric Grid, just two of the many new abstract backdrop designs. And they light beautifully. Take advantage of the range of colors that you can get from LED luminaires to change up the look of the backdrop quickly and easily.

An industry leader, Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart has been in continuous operation for over 125 years. As one can imagine, to be successful over so many years, adaptation to change is critical. Their artistic skills paired with an astute business acumen to acquire product, manufacture/design backdrops, maintain backdrops, and transport backdrops — business operations — are the key elements that have keep Charles H. Stewart in business for over a century. With selection, price, service, and reliability they enjoy high customer satisfaction and years of customer loyalty. As a premiere rental facility, from start to finish their relationship with customers and vendors is the cornerstone of success. You will appreciate the ease of doing business with Charles H. Stewart, especially in these socially distanced times. With a website full of selections, easy ordering, and having made an art out of efficient delivery and return procedures, trust Charles H. Stewart to cost effectively and artfully bring your in-person or streamed performance — be it a music concert, a corporate event, a theater production, a house of worship or educational presentation — to life.

Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart offers:

• Over 2,000 painted backdrops

• White and black scrims

• Solid color curtains for front or rear of stage plus legs and borders

• Painted legs, borders, and tabs

• Mylar rain curtains

• Specialty curtains of multiple solid and shimmering composition

• Custom backdrops

• Shipping directly to your designated location

• Used items available for sale

• Superior service

Go to Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart at to find the perfect backdrop then contact them via the website contact link or call them at (978) 682-5757.

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