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Strand is Building a Full Theatrical Solution with New Luminaires, Console

PLSN Staff • February 2021Product Spotlight • February 5, 2021

Strand Leko LED Profile

Strand has been a leading name in theatrical lighting for over a hundred years, and their latest luminaire and control solutions show that they are continuing to lean on that experience to provide new innovations. New theatrical luminaires like the Strand Leko LED Profile offer cutting edge capabilities and unique features, living up to the tradition of excellence that Strand has carried for generations. As well, the new Strand NEO Compact 10 Console is, in Strand’s words, the best console in its class thanks to a range of high-end professional features not normally seen in a console of its size or price point. When put together with the new VL800 Series fixtures from Strand’s sister brand Vari-Lite, the company is offering a full theatrical lighting solution for schools, houses of worship, regional or community theaters and more.

Strand’s new family of LED theatrical luminaires provides rich color mixing and tunable white output to performance spaces. The luminaires include the Leko LED Profile, Cantata LED Fresnel, Coda LED Cyc and Aurora LED Strip, for a complete, color-matched solution. Full color versions of the luminaires come with an RGBALC color system for a wide range of rich color options, while the warm and cold white versions available for the Leko and Cantata offer tunable white with >94 CRI, TM30, & TLCI, allowing designers to adjust color temperature without compromising output or quality of light. To simplify setup and programming, the innovative SmartColor Control System gives designers deep color options using classic CYM + CTO control, ensuring programmers can easily get exactly the look they want every time with less effort.

Strand NEO Compact 10

On the console front, the Strand NEO Compact 10 Lighting Console offers powerful, full-featured lighting control in a small form-factor thanks to the NEO operating system and robust processing power. With an intuitive 7” touchscreen and 10 user-defined faders, the NEO Compact brings a lot of capabilities for its size. Users can operate the NEO right front the touchscreen or add an optional external touchscreen for an additional touchpoint of control, making it a great solution for any sized space.

Rear view of the Strand NEO Compact 10

The Strand NEO Compact 10 offers fast programming thanks to the 10-button numeric keypad, and the 7 different effects engines and pixel mapping capabilities allows designers to a variety of easy-to-use looks using the new Vari-Lite and Strand luminaires—or whatever fixtures they have in their rig. The Neo Compact 10 includes licensing for 4 DMX universes by default and is upgradable to 10 universes of output, and the exclusive “Strand Advantage” means designers can include Strand, Vari-Lite or Color Kinetics luminaires without using their licensed DMX universes.




Vari-Lite and Strand round out their theatrical solution by integrating the NEO console directly with the Strand Vision.Net platform that connects its power control, architectural control and data distribution products. The NEO Compact acts as a control station within the Vision.Net system, allowing for optimal integration between show and architectural control. This ensures that churches, schools, theaters and more have a complete entertainment lighting solution that is both powerful and intuitive.

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