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The G-7 BeaSt from SGM

PLSN Staff • October 2020Product Spotlight • October 9, 2020

Two years ago, SGM R&D was tasked with the development of a new beam fixture. Of course, in the typical SGM way, they chose not to make just an ordinary beam, but instead, set new goals: the beam had to be big, but the fixture had to be small; there needed to be beam shaping features that were unique; and it had to be bright as hell. Not to mention LED based, low power, and IP66!

The G-7 BeaSt was born. Centered around a dual source LED engine, and newly designed collimated 12” reflector, this beam moving head produces a shaft of light that measures an impressive 85,000 lux at 10 meters. Sharing a light engine with the G-7 Spot, the Beast’s output comes from a low power 350W 6,500K LED engine. But this fixture is not just about brightness. The Danish R&D team also gave the beam an industry first motorized collimation feature, allowing the beam to be expanded and contracted from -1 degree to 30 degrees, while opening up the beam produces a unique mesmerizing effect that draws the eye into the center of the beam. Once you start playing with the two overlapping color wheels of 9+ open, the 6 rotating gobos and 3 segment array control, you can create almost 2,000 unique mid-air eye candy effects. Combining the proprietary optical path, overlapping colors, split colors and beam shaping gobos, you get a moving prismatic blend of color, shape and movement. Whether used as a ground row, upstage back light, or a front of house truss position, color and movement can be showcased like never before with eye candy backdrops craved by designers worldwide. Or, feel the force of tight 0-degree beam tracking through the night sky. With IP66 and SGM’s permanent outdoor installation (POI) tech package, the fixtures will be maintenance free, dependable, long lasting, high-performance beacons for years to come.

Looking at the front with full collimation and a color chase

Beam + Strobe, a real BeaSt: it’s not just about massive power and output, but innovation as well. Where other concave reflector fixtures have a dead spot, SGM included a powerful 500W, 50,000 lumen, 4-segment strobe (second LED engine), creating a truly unique and revolutionary fixture. The first real DualSource hybrid moving head on the planet.

With the G-7 BeaSt offering a long list of stunning effects and massive output in a small 66-pound, 24-inch outdoor rated fixture, SGM has brought to life a light crushes large international tours, premier events, sky scanning, themed attractions, dance venues and traditional theatres. And don’t forget SGM designs and builds its products in Aarhus, Denmark, with an extensive QC process that will provide worry free and maintenance free operation for many years to come.

White beams

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