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Transferable Engine from Robe Guides the Future

PLSN Staff • October 2020Product Spotlight • October 9, 2020

Robe’s innovative Transferable Engine (TE) is a world first, and it promises to guide performance lighting into the future. The Transferable Engine is an intelligent, powerful and eco-friendly solution to keep your entire inventory of lighting fixtures in perfect working order. TE also gives Robe’s customers a consistency of light quality never before possible.

Every Transferable Engine has its own, unique, memory with all engine data staying with the engine. This is easily accessible through Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Every TE has its own memory with all engine data staying with the engine.

Robe customers using the company’s ROBE COM app can receive information simply by putting their mobile phones near the module. This gives them direct access to the engine type, the full module installation history and the current intensity compared to initial performance along with hours worked and much more. All the data is available without powering up the engine as it’s sitting on the shelf.

Transferable Engines can be changed out easily, taking less than five minutes. They are also very economical, costing only around twice the price of high-performance discharge lamps. Through Robe’s free return offer, they are also very eco-friendly. Transferable also means a new engine at a lower cost compared to a replacement engines, which come at a far higher price.

Users can access the engine data via the ROBE COM app, just by bringing their smartphones within close range to the Transferable Engine.

With no warranty or reduced LED lifetime issues, no return to factory or agent for replacement, Robe customers are assured of getting the right engine in the right fixture at the right time.

The engines are designed with extra capacity to keep pace with technological development. Robe customers can also take advantage of unique software that brings fixtures of different working hours (and differing lumen outputs) to the same intensity levels by matching intensities across numerous Transferable Engines.

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