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Whirlwind PLMC-SKB Series Motor Controllers

PLSN Staff • October 2020Product Spotlight • October 9, 2020

Whirlwind, known for its wide range of industry-leading low and high voltage interface solutions has expanded its popular power distribution line, Power Link, to include their PLMC (Power Link Motor Controller) line of UL Listed chain hoist control solutions.


‡‡         Ultimate Portability

The PLMC-SKB Series, which houses a PLMC Motor Controller in a customized SKB i-series rolling case with a removable lid, provides a rugged, hoist control solution for touring applications as well as installations.


‡‡         Configurations

Whirlwind offers 2-ch, 4-ch and 8-ch versions of their PLMC-SKB controllers. 2-ch controllers provide local control only, with an optional “GO” button remote. 4-ch units are available with local control, or with full remote control and 8-ch units are available with full remote control only.


‡‡         Scalability

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the PLMC series is Whirlwind’s Bank Select technology. This proprietary circuitry provides the ability to link multiple PLMC controllers to create up to 32-ch systems. All linking and control connections are accomplished via XLR5 DMX cable. Whirlwind also offers a 32-ch stand-alone controllers with CAM inlets, housed in Cyclone cases with Rack Lighting systems.


‡‡         Distro Integration

All PLMC configurations are also available in D-Series enclosures, which are designed to perfectly integrate into any distro design. Whirlwind’s popular Design Pro application (powered by StarDRAW) makes this easy by using simple drag-n-drop functionality to design your distro and include the PLMC module of your choice. When you’re finished creating, just save your file and email it to Whirlwind for a quote.

Whirlwind currently offers 20 different PLMC-SKB controller configurations and five PLMC Remotes. When you need a rugged, portable, UL Listed, waterproof*, scalable motor control system, the PLMC-SKB Series is worth looking at, and their ability to use standard XLR5 DMX cable for remote control and linking is a game-changer.

*SKB i-series cases are waterproof when closed and latched.

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