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A Message from the Publisher: Please Read This

Terry Lowe • April 2020Publishers Note • April 8, 2020

Terry Lowe

You know, this was supposed to be a very “happy issue” for us here at PLSN. The focus was going to be the fact that we have been here to serve this wonderful industry of ours for the past 20 years. And it is a source of great pride for everyone at the company. (See feature, page 18).

However, in light of the current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, our original mission has been amplified. Now more than ever, our industry needs a reminder that we still are a
vibrant and vital community. Our industry allows people to come together and communicate with each other in mass gatherings. Now that these gathering are temporarily postponed, there’s a brilliant light shining on the importance of what our products and talents do for our society.

‡‡         Looking Ahead

We hope finding this copy of PLSN in your mail today gives you a bit of comfort. We all need some consistency in our lives, and we hope, you find a respite from our collective struggle by knowing you will still get your copy of PLSN every month.

Our industry will not be disappearing. This is a major hiccup, but it will pass. We at PLSN hope to provide you answers, solutions, and opportunities each month concerning the industries reaction to the pandemic. We will be doing this across all of our platforms, and we will be providing new places to help you learn and communicate.

Already this year, we launched our new podcast series LD-at-Large, hosted by Chris Lose. (See page 44.) Moving forward, we will be adding a whole webinar initiative where we will be producing webinars with industry leaders and providing this same platform to the industry to hold learning opportunities specific to their company which we can make our subscribers aware of.

Providing new and established opportunities for the industry to keep communicating is truly our mission at this point. We highly encourage you to go to our website, It is being updated every day with news and information as it comes into us. Our email newsletters will continue to be delivered each week. And of course, the presses will keep on rolling.

We promise we will continue to have your back and keep your communications flowing during this remarkable time in history. We truly hope the best for you, your companies, families, fellow employees and collaborators. Things are dark at the moment, and we need to be there for each other in any way we can. But we will not only get through this, our industry will come roaring back. And you can bet we’ll be there for that as well.

-Terry Lowe, Publisher, PLSN

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