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Time Marches On

Terry Lowe • November 2021Publishers Note • November 3, 2021

Terry Lowe

I don’t know how many of you know this, but in February, my company, Timeless Communications, Corp will be starting its 23rd year in business. Sometimes, I just have to shake my head and say, “Wow, this really happened.” It has been a great journey. Of course, I certainly couldn’t have done this by myself. These 22 years in business certainly would not have been possible if it were not for the great efforts of Greg Gallardo and William Vanyo, who have been with me for 21.5 and 20 years respectively.

However, as some things remain the same, others change. So now, it is time for another incarnation to the evolution of Projection, Lights & Staging News. Through the years, we have had some great editors. It seems that everyone fulfilled the role at the time and brought their own unique stamp to the publication.

So, I truly tip my hat to Bruce Jordahl, Richard Cadena, and Justin Lang for their contributions to the publications. Each of them brought a unique perspective to the editorial of the magazine. However, things do change. Every time there has been a change in leadership at the editor’s position, we have been blessed to find — to put in sporting vernacular — “the next one up.”

When Nook Schoenfeld answered my call and said he would come on board, it was a great day for the magazine and a great day for the industry. Nook brought the two elements that were needed for the position; he had a degree in journalism, and he was a working Lighting Designer. Bingo! A perfect match.

I cannot thank Nook enough for the past seven years he has dedicated to PLSN. He truly is: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. As he moves on to his well-deserved retirement, all of us here at TCC wish him the best, for he deserves the best. All of us here love him and everything he brought to the table to make our publication more relevant to our readers. Alas… all great things run their course.

Now as we wish Nook the best, we look to the future. And that future brings a new perspective, but with a solid connection to the industry with a new editorial group who have been a part of your reading habits for many years. I am so pleased to announce that longtime industry journalists Debi Moen and Michael Eddy will be taking the helm of PLSN’s editorial staff and will be moving the magazine forward in to 2022 and beyond.

Michael and Debi bring decades of industry expertise to the table. Michael was the editor of Stage Directions for the past five years, and Debi has been a contributor to PLSN for over a decade. A side note — Debi and I have been associates since the days at Performance Magazine back in 1989. Yeah, I’m old… What can you do about it? So, as we move forward into a new year, we stand confident that PLSN will continue to be your greatest resource for what is happening in the world of live event and theatrical productions.

I want to personally thank those of you who have been subscribers through the years. We appreciate your enthusiasm for PLSN as we rededicate ourselves to continuing our vital mission: bringing you the industry information you have always turned to us to deliver. So please welcome Debi and Michael, your new editors at PLSN. I’m sure you will be pleased with their continued contribution.

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