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2019 Bassmaster Classic

PLSN Staff • May 2019Showtime • May 3, 2019

The “Super Bowl of Bass Fishing” took place March 15-17 on the Tennessee River and in Knoxville, TN.

Lighting Cos

Production Support Group, Next Page Event Services


Thompson-Boling Arena

Knoxville, TN


Promoter/Producer: B.A.S.S.

Production Manager: Larry Schmidt

Lighting Designers: Dave Ward, Scott Whitfield, Matt Vengilio

Lighting Director: Dave Ward

Automated Lighting Operator: Matt Vengilio

Lighting Techs: Rob Nelson, Jeff Sheldt, Steve Fryar, Josh Lange

Special Effects Crew: Mal Boland and Jim Carroll

Set Design: Larry Schmidt

Riggers: Brian Woodrell, Jeff Sheldt

Video Director: JM Productions

Video Co: Upstage Video

Staging Cos: Production Support Group, BilJax



2          Avolites Pearl Expert Pro w/Touch Wing light desks

24       ADJ Elar 180 Pars

18       ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7s

12       ADJ Vizi Beam 5RXs

14       Epsilon Flexcube 25

4          Fotodiox 4000

54       ADJ Saber Spots

2          Radiance Hazers

8          LED Blinders

12       Mac Quantum Wash

32       Mac Axiom Hybrid Profiles

14       Elation CuePix Blinders WW2

8          Elation CuePix Blinders

24       Arri 2k Fresnels w/Barndoors

8          ETC Source 4 ellipsoidals

12       Chroma-Q ColorBlaze 72 strips

24       24” RGBAWUV strips

5          DF-50 Hazers

5          Jem AF-1 fans

20       Hex 9 Strips

2          Robe RoboSpots

1          Special FX setup including CO2 and Venturi confetti blowers


276     ROE Visual MC 7H LED tiles.

2          disguise 2x4pro media servers

4          NovaStar 6660 Pro LED controllers

2          Barco ImagePRO II units

1          Lightware MX 16×16 DVI-Plus router

1          Blackmagic Design 16×16 3G-SDI router


2          Skjonberg 4 way Motor Controllers

28       1 ton CM Lodestar motors

33       ½-ton CM Lodestar motors

24       ¼-ton CM Prostar motors

10       Grapples

1          32-way Motion Labs motor distro

8          8-way Motion Labs motor distros

70       12×12” truss sections

9          12×18” corner blocks

93       12×18” truss sections


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