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Beartooth’s ‘The Journey Below’ Livestream

PLSN Staff • Online ExclusiveSeptember 2021Showtime • September 7, 2021

Along with the July 14 livestream event pictured here, Squeek Lights was chosen to supply the lighting for the band’s six-week 2021 tour.

Lighting Co

Squeek Lights


Clyde Theatre

Fort Wayne, IN


  • Lighting Designer: Cameron Birchill
  • Squeek Lights Rep: Victor Zeiser


  • 20 Elation Dartz 360 beam lights
  • 24 Elation Artiste Picasso profile moving heads
  • 12 Elation Protron 3K Color strobe fixtures

Event Details

LD Cameron Birchill lit Beartooth’s The Journey Below livestream on July 14 with a rig that included Elation fixtures. He’s also using Elation gear supplied by Squeek Lights on the metalcore band’s six-week U.S. tour. Squeek Lights owner Victor Zeiser is no stranger to the band, having worked with the band for years and serving as LD for their 2018 tour. And while Birchill has lit the band for numerous live events, he turned to Zeiser for advice on lighting the band for broadcast. “Because this was for video, it differed from a typical live show rig, so I bounced design ideas off of him and his team at Squeek,” Birchill explains. “They helped me make the adjustment from live show to livestream with things like LED refresh rates, color temperature, etc. so that it all looked good for the camera.” After the mid-July livestream event, the band came out of their hibernation forced by Covid-19 to promote their latest album, Below, kicking off a six-week U.S. tour with an Aug. 14 show at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.



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