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Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston 2019

PLSN Staff • October 2019Showtime • October 9, 2019

The annual awards event took place on July 18, 2019

Lighting Co

Frost Productions


Boston City Hall Plaza

Boston, MA


Producer: Boston Magazine

Production Manager: Andrew Dooley

Lighting Designers: Warren Cullmer, Casey Serbagi

Lighting Directors: Alisha Petrucci, Warren Cullmer

Lighting Techs: Brendan Chapin, Adam Gray, Gabriel Goldman, and Frost Productions Staff

Video Director: Casey Serbagi

Video Content: Casey Serbagi, Warren Cullmer

Video Co: Frost Productions


For DJ Structure:

2          grandMA2 Light consoles

8          Ayrton Mistral TC

1          Ayrton Perseo S

8          Claypaky B-EYE K20

32       Astera AX1

30       Astera AX3

24       Astera AX10

1          WDMX F-1

1          WDMX F-2

For Site Lighting:

1          grandMA2 onPC Command Wing

6          SGM G-Spot

8          Color Kinetics ColorReach

16       Chauvet Pro Rogue R2 Wash

16       Chauvet Pro Ovation E910 FC

24       Astera AX5

40       Astera AX3

102     Chauvet Pro Well Fit

154     PAR 38

3          WDMX F-1

2          WDMX R-512

2          Antari ICE101

1          Chauvet Pro Amhaze Stadium


48       Absen A7 LED Tiles

1          NovaStar MCTRL 300

2          MacBook Pro running Resolume Arena 7

Event Details:

This event honoring Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston winners brought close to 1,500 together to celebrate excellence. Along with winners, select media, local tastemakers, and celebrity chefs, the evening featured live music, food and drink.

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