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BTS “Love Yourself/Speak Yourself” Tours

PLSN Staff • January 2020Showtime • January 10, 2020

The tour featured new AR technologies along with numerous gags and effects. Photo courtesy disguise.

Lighting Co: Morris Light & Sound

Video Co: Solotech


  • Creative Directors: Kevin Kim, Heena Kim, Wally Seo/Plan A Korea
  • Assistant Directors: Lily Kim, Jimin Lee, Oreum Kim, Becky Kim, Hilda Kang, Hyomin Han/Plan A Korea
  • Production, Lighting & Video Design: Jeremy Lechterman, Jackson Gallagher/FragmentNine
  • Show Producer/Production Management: Big Hit Entertainment, Plan A Korea/Kevin Kim
  • Promoters: AEG (Arenas), LiveNation (Stadiums)
  • Production Manager: Joel Forman
  • Sound Crew: Junghwan Ock, Minsuk Yun/Tristar Audio
  • Lighting Crew: Hee-Seung Oh/Lite Factory, David Carr (Crew Chief), Joshua Dirks, Nicholas Monaco, Tommy DeWitt Jr., Kurtis Wilkinson, Ian Rehn, Adrean McDonald, Derek Williams, Amanda Ritchie, Daniel Gibbs, Jessica Sanders, Brandon Stewart, Thomas Smith, Tyler Scherbing
  • Video Crew: Yongwook Kwon/Goodmedia, Alejandro Castaneda, Sebastien Lamoureux, Neil Carman, Nicholas Keiser, Bo O’Brien, Abram Main, Maxwell Gabriel, Geoffrey Ford, Timothy Mattefs, Pearl MacMahon, Austin Colby, Joshua Phebus, Michael Duque, Jason Dickie, Dana Jespersen, Philippe Benjamin, Robert Lawrence, Nicholas Bechtel, John Dolderer
  • Video Content: SHOP, Paul Beckett/Bryte Designs, All of it Now (AOIN), Hayanmaeum Kong/ALIVE.
  • AR Content Integrator: AOIN/Berto Mora, Danny Firpo
  • Media Servers: Bonggill Chu, Dahee Han/Live-Lab
  • Camera: Hyoung Dal Kim/D-Take
  • Laser Design: Nobuharu Fujii/Hoko Creative, Jaewoo So/Lite Factory
  • Illumination: Kyoungwon Ma/Artdeco
  • Pryo Design: Joryul Lee/Blaze SFX
  • Pyro/Lasers: Image SFX; Phillip Payne, James Beardmore, Mark Jones, Morgan Travis, Didier Giraldo, Joel Richardson, Daniel Rabinovich, Ruth Newhouse, Alexander Toverada, Michael Pagan, E’Angelica Nelson, Darren D’Amour, Raymond Seymour, Jason McEachern
  • Sets, Staging, Automation & Rigging: Tait, StageCo, Atlanta Rigging, Five Points Rigging
  • Stage Props: Jae Hun You/Youjam Studio, Daeyoung Eui/Mayvan, Hyojin Cho/Mate Art Company
  • Inflatables: Dongwoo Kang/ABR, Taeyoung Maeng/CQ
  • Logo Set & Trolley Automation: Richard Robertson/Henn Projekt GmbH
  • Kinesys: Gicheol Park/Wooil System
  • Automation Tech: Hyun Soo Lee, Hyangjin Song/Blaze SFX
  • Automation Crew: Sean Denihan-Mullarkey, Kiel Heerding, Simon Nott, Dan McLaughlin
  • Fanlight Design: Ashton Choi/FANLIGHT, Moah Lyu/Lite Factory
  • Riggers: Kevin McConville, Head Jerry Ritter, Charles Melton, James Brazil, James Harrelson Jr.
  • Carps: Tracy van Egmond, David Medrano, Allen Haley, Everett Shewmake, Minh Nguyen, Allen Swinson, Kurt Jenks, Nicholas DiBiaso JR, Graham Scott, Byron Rentz
  • Stage Managers: Taehwan Ha/SH Company, Brian Bassham, Terry Cooley, Aaron Draude
  • Site Coordinator: Robert Hale
  • Backstage Manager: Lydia Bourgeau
  • Backstage Assistant: Kathryn Riddle
  • Production Coordinators: James Taylor, Aaron Siegler, Debra Taylor, Shelby Kirshner
  • Production Assistant: Matthew Copney
  • Show Power: Carlos Oldigs, Christopher Lanning
  • Drones: Intel


  • 32     Robe RoboSpots w/BMFL Followspot LTs
  • 432  Flown fixtures
  • 225  Ground supported fixtures
  • 664  Total fixtures
  • 1,000’       GT Truss
  • 11     Lighting consoles w/22 nodes
  • 132  Universes of lighting control
  • 1       stYpe Red Spy optical camera tracking system w/Vinton tracking head, disguise gx 2 media server

Tour Notes:

BTS, which formed in 2013 as a seven-member K-pop and hip-hop boy band, launched their 2018/2019 “Love Yourself/Speak Yourself” world tour in Seoul Olympic Stadium in late August, 2018 before performing at large venues North America and Europe in late 2018, then packing stadiums around the world. The group, which performs its songs and rap numbers in Korean, emerged at #3 on Billboard’s Nov. 1-Oct. 31 charts with $196 million in ticket sales and 1.6 million fans attending 42 shows. (The band’s 14-month tour included 62 shows in all.)

Note: Additional crew details were added to this posting after the January issue of PLSN was printed.

For more audio production details related to this tour, CLICK HERE.

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