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Home Depot College Football Awards

PLSN Staff • February 2020Showtime • February 2, 2020

Lighting Co
CYM Lighting

College Football Hall of Fame
Atlanta, GA


  • Promoter: ESPN
  • Creative Direction: Innovative Show Design
  • Artistic Director: Chris Runnells (ISD)
  • Creative Director: Nate Mitchell (ISD)
  • Lead Fabricator / Scenic Installer: David Barber (ISD)
  • Crew: Lighting Designer/Project Manager: Justin Garrone (ISD)
  • Lighting Programmer: Andrew Giffin
  • Lighting/Rigging TD: Kevin Swank
  • Red Carpet Lighting Director: John Lotz
  • Master Electricians: Chris Wagner & Greg Hays
  • Electricians: Ignacio Sanchez, Tony Mora, Mikey Pacilio, Max Vigil, Anthony Miller, David Ruiz & Leo Garcia

Gear (Partial List)

  • 58       Elation Rayzor 760
  • 23       Elation Satura Profile
  • 44       Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme
  • 24       Elation Design Wash LED 60
  • 16       Elation ACL 360i
  • 44       Elation SixPar 100
  • 7          Elation CuePix Panel
  • 3          Elation Colour Chorus 72
  • 261     EVLED 1024 SMD 20mm LED panels

Event Details:

On Dec. 12, college football’s most talented student-athletes were recognized at the 2019 Home Depot College Football Awards presented live on ESPN from the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, GA. Justin Garrone and production design firm Innovative Show Design (ISD) have been involved in the show since 2012 and again produced impressive visuals for the 2019 edition, employing a setup that featured mostly Elation Professional products.

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