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PLSN Staff • April 2020Showtime • April 8, 2020

MESA’s show at Arena Riga included a pair of oversized wings.

Lighting Cos

Leimen SIA & Eventech OÜ


Arena Riga,

Riga, Latvia


  • Production Manager: Miks Tenteris
  • Lighting Designer/Director: Andrejs Dubkovs
  • Board Operator: Oskars Timbars
  • Lighting Tech: Stanislav Sobolev
  • Set Design: Andrejs Dubkovs
  • Set Construction: Kiril Tkachenko
  • Staging Carpenter: Oskars Plataiskalns
  • Video Director: Viktor Keino
  • Video Co: PRO 1 Stage
  • Rigger: TG Team SIA
  • Staging Co: Leimen SIA
  • Staging Products: Baltic Stages


  • 1       grandMA2 Full console
  • 32     Martin Viper Profiles
  • 13     Martin MAC Encore Performance WRM fixtures
  • 100  Martin MAC Auras
  • 156  Martin MAC 101’s
  • 62     Claypaky Axcor Spot 400’s
  • 1       Robe BMFL (used as followspot)
  • 26     TMB Solaris Flare JR’s
  • 3       MDG ATMe’s
  • 4       Lycian 1290 XLT Xenons
  • 1       Decor LED Cubes system (custom, 86m)
  • 1       Truss system (500m)
  • 80     ChainMaster BGV+ hoists
  • 32     Variable speed hoists
  • 1       Video setup w/ Green Hippo Hippotizer Karst+ V4 media server, 100m2 Absen A7, 160m2 P8 LED displays

Event Details: Mesa, an annual rap music project, sold out with more than 12,500 in the arena and 100,000 watching on TV.

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