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Motionless in White

PLSN Staff • September 2021Showtime • August 17, 2021

The band performed a livestream show June 9 with an abandoned asylum as a backdrop. Photo courtesy Steve Kosiba/Squeek Lights

Lighting Co

Squeek Lights


Pennhurst Asylum

Spring City, PA


  • Lighting Designer: Mike Null
  • Lighting Crew: Steve Kosiba (Crew Chief), Ben Kelly, Ben Jarrett, Emil Kaschak
  • Shoot Directed By: Bryce Hall
  • Production Manager/Sound Engineer: Logan Beaver
  • Band Manager: Kim Schon


  • 2          grandMA2 Light consoles
  • 12       Elation Artiste Picassos
  • 24       Elation Dartz 360’s
  • 24       Elation SixBar 1000’s
  • 12       ADJ Hex Panel IP’s
  • 4          Elation Cuepix WW4’s
  • 10       Chauvet Rogue RH1’s
  • 12       Chauvet Rogue R1 BeamWashes
  • 8          Chauvet Rogue R1 Washes
  • 4          X-Laser Skywriter HPX M-5’s
  • 8          Antari Z-350 Fazers

Event Details:

For Deadstream #2, an atmosphere-filled livestream show lit by Mike Null using lighting gear supplied by Squeek Lights, metalcore band Motionless in White performed June 9 against the backdrop of the abandoned Pennhurst Asylum in southeast Pennsylvania. Mike Null has been with the band for over a year, a stretch that includes a tour as well as the band’s first Deadstream, which was recorded at the Squeek Lights shop in New Jersey last October.


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