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PLSN Staff • February 2019Showtime • February 11, 2019

The Puerto Rican artist performed Dec. 23 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. The show followed a run of shows across the U.S. in 2018.

Lighting Co
LD Audio

American Airlines Arena
Miami, FL



Promoter/Producer: Elite Media Marketing (EMM)

Production Manager: Alex Soto

Lighting Designer: Darmah

Lighting Directors/Programmers: Rodrigo Proal, Jose “Cheo” Diaz

Lighting Techs: Tillman & Karol

Video Directors: Bianca Moncada, Gabriel Rodriguez

Video Co: LD Audio

Pyro Co: Light FX Pros

FX Techs: Felix Marquez, Orlando Acosta

Set Design/Construction: Darmah

Staging Co: LD Audio



Lighting & Rigging:

1       grandMA2 Full console

58     Robe MegaPointes

20     Martin MAC Viper DX fixtures

6       Robe BMFL Blades

2       Robe BMFL Profiles (followspots)

64     GLP impression X4 Bar 20’s

2       GLP impression X4 Bar 10’s

80     Elation ACL 360i fixtures

14     Elation Paladin strobes

6       Robe Spiider LED washes

4       DF50 Hazers

4       Antari AF-4 fans

43     1-ton hoists

4       ½-ton hoists

4       10’ truss sections (12 x 18”)

56     10’ sections Black GT Truss


Video Gear (LD Audio):

1       5.9mm LED Wall (8m x 8m)

2       5.9mm Riser LED Screens (6m x .5m)

4       5.9mm LED Strips (1m x 8m)

2       5.9mm LED Screens (5m x 5m)

3       NovaStar processors

1       Sony PXW-X400

1       Long Throw Lens 40X

1       Tripod

2       PTZ Panasonic HN130 Robotics Cameras

1       RCP remote control panel

1       Panasonic 450N switchers

1       40” Multiview Monitor w/stand


Set Video Gear (Darmah):

1       disguise 4×4 media server (Master)

16     4mm CB4 Fiber Carbon (1.2 x .60m)

68     ROE Visual Strips (1.2m)

18     ROE Visual Strips (0.6m)

1       Prop structure setup

1       Notch services for video effects


Pyro & FX (Light FX Pros):

16     Mines (red w/35’ tail)

16     Mines (crackle w/35’)

34     Gerbs (1sg x 35’)

8       Mines (blue w/35’ tail)

8       Mines (purple w/35’ tail)

8       G-Flames

8       Cryo jets

8       Sparkulars

4       flame X2’s

1       LSG (low fog)

2       Confetti blasters

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