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PLSN Staff • January 2019Showtime • January 14, 2019

PINK © Steve Jennings

Lighting Co


Video Co



  • Production Designer: Baz Halpin
  • Associate LD/Programmer: Eric Marchwinski
  • Lighting Director: Steve “Six” Schwind
  • Lighting Crew: Matt Lavallee, Anthony Michon, Dany Yockell, Sarah NG, Tony Cerasuolo, Leo Dumont-Frenette, Gabi Scheff, Steve Gertsman
  • Solotech Account Rep: Dean Roney
  • Video Director: Larn Poland
  • Video Crew: Tim Jones, Rob Brewer, Brian Henson, Austin Wavra, Gavin Thomson, Nate Fountain, Kevin Paul
  • Pyro: Pyrotek Special Effects
  • Pyro Crew: Reid Derne, Nickolas Zangari, Bernard Walker
  • Sets/Automation: Tait
  • Inflatables: Landmark Creations/Tom Meacham
  • Automation Crew: Russell Macias, Josh Levin, Leonardo Baca, Jason Jones
  • Riggers: Gabe Wood, Paul Sapsis, Chuck Sage Anderson, Shawn Gibson, Daniel Porter, Steve Davidson
  • Carpenters: John Williamson, Eric Duheaney, Chris Woo, Martin Capiraso, Jason Starr, Willie Adams
  • Tour Coordinator: Bill Buntain
  • Road Manager: Nancy Shefts
  • PM/Head Box Pusher: Malcolm Weldon
  • Production Coordinator: Derek Wilson
  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Clarence Gaoiran
  • Stage Manager: Greg Bogart


  • 3       grandMA consoles
  • 118  Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures
  • 88     Claypaky Scenius Unicos
  • 92     Robe Spikies
  • 8       Robe Patt 2017
  • 6       Robe BMFL Spots
  • 36     Chroma-Q Color Force II 72
  • 36     Solaris Flare LR
  • 32     Solaris Flare Q+
  • 24     GLP impression X4 Bar 20’s
  • 16     GLP impression X4’s
  • 7       Vari-Lite VL6000 Beams
  • 63     Tait LED Deck Trim
  • 40     Integrated Prop LED
  • 3       MDG TheOne foggers
  • 2       Martin ZR44 foggers
  • 900  Solotech/Saco 6mm LED panels
  • 6       Christie projectors
  • 1       Grass Valley Karrera switchers
  • 6       Grass Valley HD LDX86 cameras
  • 2       disguise gx 2 media servers

Tour Notes

Pink’s Beautiful Trauma tour, which launched March 1 and is slated to continue with a long run of shows until Oct. 2019, is a showcase for the artist’s athleticism as well as her vocal prowess as the harness-clad star flies above the stage for some numbers and joins in with her dancers for others. For the 2018 chart year, more than 1.2 million ticket-holders paid a total $180 million to catch the 88 shows from March through October, and with close to 70 more shows already planned in the next Billboard chart year, it looks like Pink has a good shot at placing well within next year’s Top Tour rankings as well.

For more info on this tour, go to

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