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Taylor Swift

PLSN Staff • January 2019Showtime • January 14, 2019

Taylor Swift’s sixth album, reputation, was released Nov. 10, 2017

Lighting Co


Video Co



  • Show Director/LD: Baz Halpin
  • Associate Director: Melisa Garcia
  • Production Designer: Tamlyn Wright
  • Associate LD & Lighting Programmer: Eric Marchwinski
  • Lighting Director: Sam Paine
  • Lighting Crew: John Flynn (Crew Chief), Thomas James, Yoklanda Do, Mark Hodgman, Douglas Eldredge, Michel Pomerleau, Nathan Ellis, Shawn Theriault, Benjamin Timms, Mathew Levine, David Heard, Maximillian Kaston Kinsella; Dave Evans, Paul Sadler (Dimmers)
  • Screens Director: Steve Foster
  • Screens Programmer: Zach Peletz
  • Video Director: David Boisvert
  • Video Engineer: Sebastien Lamoureux
  • Video Crew: David “Detroit” Klann (Crew Chief), Carson Austin, Eric Simard, Jeffrey Apregan, Bo O’Brien, Barrie Roney, Alexander Charland, Jason Dickie, Tracy Calderon, Elliot Roll, Luke Shea
  • Video Content: Silent Partners
  • Production Manager: Arthur Khemish
  • Production Coordinator: Jessica Castaneda
  • Stage Manager: Dewey Shepherd
  • Assistant Stage Manager: James Nelson
  • Production Utility: Garrett Fleming
  • Site Coordinators: Bri Ancia, Mike Tierney
  • Riggers: Todd Mauger (Head Rigger), Albie Pozzetti, Abram Boise, Jim Ude
  • Head Automation: Rick Berger
  • Automation: Michael Berger, Keith Stacey, James Sontag, Joshua Cardona, David Brainbridge, Brittany Kiefer, Loic Woehrel
  • Carps: Jason Bowman (Head Carpenter), Daniel Albright, James Sagehorn, Marty Wallgren, Chad Miller, Chris Raines, Didier Giraldo, David Callan, Zach Mefford, Dwayne Diaz, Teddy Griffeth, Bill Davis, Andrew Wallace
  • Staging Co: StageCo
  • Wristbands: PixMob/Jacques Vanier, Zachary Schwandt
  • Pyro: Pyrotek Special Effects
  • Pyro Crew: Stuart Wickens (Crew Chief), Jim Eline, Justin Miller
  • FX Crew: Matthew Thomas, Alexander Toverada Jr., Alex Kingry
  • Climbers: Joel Richardson (Head Climber), Josh Smith, Scott Light, Jason Kollias


  • 3       grandMA2 Full consoles
  • 210  Claypaky Scenius Unicos
  • 124  Claypaky Mythos2
  • 100  SGM P-10
  • 72     SGM P-5
  • 116  Solaris Flare Q+
  • 365  Solaris Flare LR
  • 7 disguise gx 2

Tour Notes:

Taylor Swift’s Reputation stadium tour, which ran from May 8 to Nov. 21 with a string of shows in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland, another leg in North America plus a few dates in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, broke Billboard’s record for the highest-grossing U.S. tour, with total sales in the States exceeding 2 million tickets and $266.1 million in revenues. Together with the overseas gigs, the total gross from 53 shows topped out at $315.2 million.

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