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PLSN Staff • Showtime • January 14, 2016

Lighting Co:

Video Co:
PRG Nocturne

Production Designer/LD: Willie Williams

Production Manager: Jake Berry

Lighting Directors: Alex Murphy, Mark “Sparky” Risk

Lighting Crew: Nick Barton (Crew Chief), Andrew Beller, Jason Dixon, Blaine Dracup, Hayden Katz, Matt Schneider,

Video Crew

Video Director: Stefaan “Smasher” Desmedt

Video Crew: Wolfgang Schram (EIC), Kes Thornley (AVD), Stuart Heaney (Crew Chief), Eric Geiger, Sandro Bruni, John O’Brien, Mark Woody

Set Designers: Ric Lipson, Es Devlin/Stufish

Set Construction: Tait


7          grandMA2 Full consoles

58       PRG Bad Boys (20 w/ PRG Followspot controllers)

113     PRG Best Boys (66 HP Spot, 47 Wash)

80       Martin MAC Auras

68       TMB Procan 4-Lite PAR36 4x1s

16       4-Lite PAR36 fixtures

56       Martin Atomic 3000 strobes w/scrollers

5          Cirro Strata CS6 mist generators

4          Look Solutions Unique 2.1 hazers

4          Ultratec Radiance DMX hazers

3          Le Maitre Stadium hazers

4          20” mirror balls

51       PRG BAT truss sections

1          Circle truss (20”x20”x21’ diameter)

2          PRG Nocturne V-Thru LED Screens (95’x23’ each)

2          PRG Nocturne VR-7 7mm I-Mag screens (15.5’x10’)

2          d3 4×4 media servers

1          PRG Nocturne Karrera S-series video flypack system

8          Grass Valley HD Cameras, 5 Long Lens, 3 Hand Held

3          Ikegami HD Robotic Cameras

1          Underworld Monitor/Drum Cam cue system


The tour design, by show designer Willie Williams, who worked once again with production manager Jake Berry, included a circular B-stage in the center of the arena connected to the main stage on one side.