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PLSN Staff • January 2019Showtime • January 14, 2019

U2 © Steve Jennings

Lighting Co


Video Co

PRG Video


  • Creative Director/LD: Willie Williams
  • Set Designer: Ric Lipson/Stufish
  • Executive Director: Gavin Friday
  • Creative Consultants: Es Devlin (Set), Morleigh Steinberg (Choreography), Sharon Blankson (Stylist)
  • Video Content: Anton Corbijn, JR, Willie Williams
  • Editor: Warren Chapman
  • Animation: Chris Shone, Susana Yamamoto, Brandon Kraemer, Brett Bolton, Terry Scruby
  • Live Video Director: Stefaan “Smasher” Desmedt
  • Lighting Directors: Mark “Sparky” Risk, Alex Murphy, Allen Branton (Consultant)
  • Lighting Crew: Nick Barton (Crew Chief), Blaine Dracup, Adam Morgan, Gareth Morgan, Joe Simpson, Jason Wright, Matt Leroux, Stuart lee, Michael Butler, Dale Jewett
  • Video Crew: Stuart Heaney (Crew Chief), Sandro Bruni, Eric Geiger, John O’Brien, Kes Thornley, Drew Welker, Gordon Davies, Jay Strasser, Jim Toten, Justin Welch, Lewis McMillan, Kenneth Clair Jr.
  • Tour Manager: Scott Casey
  • Production Manager: Jake Berry
  • Tour Director: Craig Evans
  • Assistant Tour Manager: Sarah O’Herlihy
  • Tour Business Manager: Bob Koch
  • Stage Manager: Rocko Reedy
  • Stage Manager & Head Electrician: Jon Boss
  • Tour Production Coordinator: Aaron Siegler
  • Tour Coordinator: Alison Larkin
  • Automation: Dion Pearce
  • Riggers: Chuck Melton (Head), Jake Harrelson
  • Head Carpenter: Flory Turner
  • PRG Reps: Tim Murch, Robin Wain (Lighting), Mark O’Herlihy (Video)
  • Tait Reps: James Fairorth, Adam Davis, Aaron Seibert
  • Video & Show Content Production: The Third Company (Sam Pattinson), Empirical Studio (Ben Nicolson)
  • Staging/Automation: Stageco, Tait
  • Trucking: Upstaging (U.S.)



  • 3       grandMA2 full consoles
  • 1       grandMA2 Light console
  • 218  PRG Bad Boy HPs
  • 48     Chroma-Q Color Force 48s
  • 4       Chroma-Q Color Force 12s
  • 56     Martin Atomic strobes w/ scrollers
  • 6       Hungaro Flash units
  • 130  DWE Mole fey 4x1s
  • 20     DWE Mole fey 2x1s
  • 12     Look Solutions Unique 2.1 hazers


  • 550  Panels of ROE CB8
  • 1       Spaceframe w/ 24,500’ carbon tubing
  • 8       Brompton LED Processors (Tessera M2 series)
  • 1       32 x 32 DVI router w/ direct fiber outlets to the processors
  • 2       4K disguise media servers

Tour Notes:

U2’s May 2-Nov. 13, 2018 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour shares a symmetry with the band’s 2015 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE trek. Together they promote the ban’s two albums, Songs of Innocence (Sept. 2014) and Songs of Experience (Dec. 2017), said to have drawn inspiration from William Blake’s illuminated collection of poems, Songs of Innocence and Experience, first published in 1789. The 2018 tour’s 55 shows generating $119.2 million from more than 840,000 attendees.

For more on this tour, visit

For more on its predecessor (2015 tour), visit


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