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Marina ‘Love + Fear’ Tour

MARINA © Steve Jennings

Marina (Marina Lambrini Diamandis), formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, is a Wales-born singer-songwriter-keyboardist who moved to London as a teenager. Now 34, her music styles include dance, indie, electro and new wave pop genres. Her Feb. 2010 debut album release, The Family Jewels, entered the U.K. Albums Chart at number five, with her next two albums also reaching the top 10. This tour is in support of her fourth studio album, Love + Fear, another top-five charted album, released last April.

MARINA © Steve Jennings

Rob Sinclair

Lighting Designer

This is Rob Sinclair’s third album cycle/tour with Marina, so he already had good lines of communication to start off the design process. They talked about an adult pop show, with dancers, no musicians and projection as the main lighting. “The idea stayed pretty much to that design, except for the addition of the multi-instrumentalist for the second part of the tour. It’s a really unique and compelling show, and we’re all very proud of what we created. I really wanted to explore projection as lighting, and how to make a pop show not look or feel like a conventional show.

MARINA © Steve Jennings

“Our production manager, Simon Schofield, comes from a video background so he took the lead on the projection suppliers for the tour. Blink, the video content creators, are old friends from my time working on tours with artists Kylie Minogue, Shania Twain, Tame Impala and others. We gave them the impossible task of making too much content for too little money, and they absolutely excelled on everything. As the projection led the whole show, a lot of the dynamic and cues had to come from video.” Solotech served as the video vendor for the tour.

MARINA © Steve Jennings

“Our lighting programmer and director, Jason Hyne, and I go back a way, from the Queen Extravaganza to Kaiser Chiefs and many places in between,” Rob continues. “He’s a wonderfully safe pair of hands, he has a dry sense of humor, and he is a truly talented LD. We had to put the show together at high speed, so I gave him guidance, he programmed and then we integrated lighting and video. It’s always a joy working with Marina and her management. This tour really shows that you don’t need a huge budget to create compelling and exciting work; in fact, sometimes constraint pushes creativity harder.” Christie Lites served as the lighting vendor.

MARINA © Steve Jennings

Jason Hyne

Lighting Programmer & Director

Jason Hyne says that he has been fortunate to work with Rob Sinclair as a programmer for many years on a number of diverse projects. Subsequently the opportunity to work with Marina on the Love + Fear Tour as lighting and video director was offered. “As with most tours, we’re always up against the clock,” Jason says. “Due to the time constraints of the Love + Fear tour, we had approximately eight days that were pretty much split equally between pre-production programming and full production rehearsals. During this time, I was given a set list with about 25 potential tracks to work on, some of which were subject to change. Every track is time coded, consequently triggering each individual piece of video content. All lighting cues were programmed alongside for structure and continuity.

“The Marina production crew, video tech Grant Stoker, and all the creative teams were great to work with, and it’s always exciting to see Rob’s creative foresight come to life on stage, Rob being the catalyst into bringing the show to the road. As Rob mentioned, the production logistics were dealt with by Simon Schofield, whose expertise in all aspects of video are paramount when negotiating the variety of venues we’ve played. Simon’s knowledge and experience assists in alleviating the stresses that come with venues of every shape and size. It’s been a great tour and always a bonus to work with a reliable and conscientious team.”

MARINA © Steve Jennings

Marina Love + Fear Tour


Lighting Designer: Rob Sinclair

Video Director: Rob Sinclair

Lighting Programmer & Director: Jason Hyne

Lighting Co: Christie Lites

Lighting Techs: Paul Hyne, SMP

Video Tech: Grant Stoker

Video Co: Solotech

Video Content: Blink

Scenic/Staging Co: Solotech

Tour Manager: Suzi Green

Production Manager: Simon Schofield

Production Assistant: Ashlee Johansen

Stage Manager: SMP

Draperies: Hangman

Trucking: Truck ‘N Roll

MARINA © Steve Jennings


1       ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console

44     Martin MAC Viper Performances

8       GLP JDC1’s

1       Unique 2.1 Hazer

2       30K Laser Projectors

1       Resolume media server


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