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Product Spotlight

  • Radiance Followspot

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | July 17, 2006Strong Entertainment Lighting recently started shipping their latest in a long line of followspots. The Radiance is a lightweight fixture designed to be used for small installations and shows that do not require extremely bright followspots with long throw distances. But don’t let that fool you; this spot cuts quite nicely from a 150- foot throw.

  • VectorWorks12

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | June 13, 2006In the past decade, the use of drafting software has become rote for designers in this industry, and the available offerings have increased dramatically, with each software package offering various industry-specific tools and an eye toward ease of use, much to the delight of those of us without engineering or CAD degrees. (see PLSN Product Gallery, February 2006 – ed.)

  • Congo_art_angle.jpg

    Exploring the ETC Congo Console

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | April 12, 2006

    While ETC’s newest lighting console is considered “new” by most standards, the parents of the system would say that the console has been in gestation for more than 30 years.

    The true heritage of the console began with Avab, the Scandinavian lighting console manufacturer that, three decades ago, had one of the two existing 999- channel boards, the Viking. With a simple, direct-access control structure, the Avab brand has maintained a strong presence in European markets ever since.

  • WYG R16.jpg

    WYSIWYG Production Design Suite

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | March 15, 2006

    When Cast Software launched WYSIWYG, a lighting-only design software tool, in 1994, it was new, innovative and the only one of its kind. Today, there is no shortage of competition for the Toronto-based company, but that hasn’t slowed them down. And now, they have supplemented their offerings to cover new segments within the entertainment industry. As of September 2005, WYSIWYG, which is now being called a “Production Design Suite of Tools,” delivered Release 14, which, among other things, adds the ability to showcase all types of video content in the 3-D virtual world. Cast continues to crank out new software updates on an aggressive three-month schedule aimed at fulfilling the longterm vision of creating a fast, easy solution to all production designs. The latest update, Release 16, introduces “moving scenery.”

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