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Product Spotlight

  • Nomad Puck

    ETC Nomad Puck

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | December 17, 2014

    Years ago, I was afraid of controlling my lights on a PC Based lighting controller. Recently, like in the past six months, I have come to fall in love with them. Looking back on why I was so nervous about using them was the fact that almost everything had to be done with a mouse, or by remembering those awkward keyboard shortcuts. There is something about having a console’s control surface in front of you.

  • Image Engineering's Beam Composer

    Image Engineering’s Beam Composer

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | November 22, 2014

    One of the hottest technologies in the current visual toolkit is one that has been around for a while in our business — lasers. Lasers make a huge impact on productions, with beams of light dancing over the audience that cannot be produced by any other sort of light source on the market. Lasers are available in a wide range of offerings, from simple DJ effects to elaborate systems that require their own programmer and/or operator. For years, lighting designers have been at the mercy of translating their vision of what they want lasers to do to the laser programmer. The LD handled the lighting rig while a separate controller operated the lasers.

  • ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr

    ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | August 7, 2014

    Our industry isn’t the only one where LEDs are making a big impact. Retail, commercial and even residential lighting designers and installers are all moving toward LEDs and away from traditional bulbs. Even with their higher upfront costs, LED fixtures are making inroads in nearly every kind of lighting application in markets all over the world. Read More...

  • The Stageline SAM750 Mobile Stage made its US debut at EDC New York. Photo by Adam Kaplan/ASK Media Productions

    Stageline SAM750 Mobile Stage

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | July 10, 2014

    Each year, mobile stages made by Stageline, a staging manufacturer based in L’Assomption, Quebec, get used at 15,000 events in 45 countries around the world. That number is likely to increase this year as Stageline rolls out its SAM750 — the largest hydraulic mobile stage in the world. First used at the 2013 Osheaga festival in Montreal last August, the SAM750 made its U.S. debut at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) New York over Memorial Day weekend.

  • Stagemaker SR Series Hoists

    Stagemaker SR Series Hoists

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | June 9, 2014

    Lifting stage elements, truss, speakers… our industry requires some serious lifting power it order to make our rigs work.  Stagemaker hoists have a lineage that dates back decades, to when Verlinde of France launched the first inverted electric powered hoist, the Litachain L104, in 1975. Verlinde then launched the Litachain L5 and L10 range in 1990. In 1998, after the venerable French company (est. 1858) was acquired by Konecranes Plc in 1993, the Stagemaker SM series of hoists came to market.

  • Whirlwind Power Link Portable Distro Series options

    Whirlwind Power Link Portable Distro Series

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | February 10, 2014

    With all of the various types of connectors and power requirements needed for different types of devices, power distro units for the live entertainment industry need to be flexible in their configuration. A standardized configuration will never be ideal for every situation. Whirlwind recognizes this, and has developed a new line of power distros aimed at getting the right power and connection type to your devices: the Power Link Series. Read More...

  • PRG RH+A UV Wash

    PRG UV Bullet and Wash

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | November 15, 2013

    PRG’s RH+A division now offers the Ultraviolet series of lights, including the UV Bullet and UV Wash. While developed with architectural lighting installations in mind, these fixtures can also be used for entertainment industry applications, ranging from amusement parks and haunted house attractions to “cosmic” bowling and nightclub dance floors.

  • Hoop Stand from Apollo Design Technology

    Hoop Stand from Apollo Design Technology

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | May 11, 2013

    For floor-mounted fixtures, one of the last things we think of is the actual floor base we typically use — until we get to the gig and notice that it’s missing. I can’t count the number of times floor bases have missed the truck! It can be an honest mistake, of course. But someone back at the shop is going to get an earful. To help keep that mistake from happening, Apollo Design Technology has come up with a simple, lightweight and portable design for a highly stable floor stand that can easily fit into any cramped road case, the Hoop Stand. Read More...

  • Elation Event Cylinder

    Elation Event Cylinder

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | March 9, 2013

    Elation’s Event Cylinder, designed in conjunction with Port Lighting Systems, gives lighting professionals a new color-changing LED element to work into their own creative designs, from dangling LED chandeliers to glowing horizontal arrays, tabletop centerpieces and stacked columns of illumination. Read More...

  • GAM LED Stik-up with filter

    GAM LED Stik-up

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | March 9, 2013

    The Stik-up, an ultra-compact, four-ounce incandescent single source luminaire from GAM Products, has a new LED sibling, the LED Stik-up. As with the original tungsten-based version, designers can use LED Stik-ups as a general wash light to fill holes, light back stage areas or sneak extra illumination into the nooks and crannies of set elements from a completely self-contained package of portable LED light. Read More...

  • ProPlex GBS gigabit Ethernet switch (Rack-mount version)

    ProPlex Data Distribution System from TMB

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | December 9, 2012

    The 2012 Ryder Cup golf tournament at Medinah Country Club and 2012 London Olympic Games were just two of this year’s big events with live and televised production where crews relied upon the expanding range of ProPlex data distribution devices and cable options from TMB. The ProPlex line of devices includes GBS Gigabit Ethernet Switches,  IQ Ethernet-DMX converters, DMX/RDM Opto-Splitters and forthcoming (early 2013) RMT remote media transceivers for multiplexed DVI transmission and distribution. ProPlex cable options are also expanding, including DMX, Cat5e and fiber optic cable and assembly/snake options now available, and TMB also recently introduced its ProPlex RDMigo touch-screen tester/controller and 8-Track devices for DMX record/playback and backup.

  • Christie D4K25

    Christie D4K25 and M Series Digital Projectors

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | October 16, 2012

    This year, Christie announced the expansion of its 3-chip DLP platform with the introduction of the Christie D4K25 and new 14,000-lumen Christie M Series models. The new projectors target a variety of applications that require a combination of  brightness, performance and visual clarity. Read More...

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