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Product Spotlight

  • Sound guys can benefit, too - the Console Shade is pictured here on a DiGiCo audio mixer.

    The Console Shade

    PLSN Staff | November 2017Product Spotlight | November 9, 2017

    It’s a hot one down here in Tennessee. I’m sweating just watching the local crew drag the control snake out to my lighting desk. The dust rises from the brown grass, the roof on the stage provides no relief from the blistering rays. My front of house platform is someone’s idea of a joke as there’s a plywood floor with some 12-inch truss slammed together around myself and two other operators that wouldn’t protect any of us in a storm. Yup, it’s another long day in a field where I must battle the elements and try my hardest to focus a moving light rig in the sun, before the crowd comes in.

  • Front and back view of d3's gx 1

    d3 Technologies gx 1 and gx 2

    PLSN Staff | November 2017Product Spotlight | November 9, 2017

    In mid 2017, d3 Technologies revealed its newest and fastest range of servers to date, the gx range. With two models, the gx 1 and gx 2, the new systems meet the increasing demand for real-time generative effects, and then some. Let’s take a closer look at some of its impressive features.

  • The software lets users invite others to participate in a given project as 'members' or 'guests,' encouraging visual collaboration.


    PLSN Staff | October 2017Product Spotlight | October 12, 2017

    I'm reminded of an old commercial that went something like, “ When EF Hutton talks…people listen.” The “EF Hutton” in this case is Laura Frank. When someone with the level of experience and accomplishments of Laura suggests that I spend some time getting to know a new workflow tool, I listen. She is at the top of her craft in the world of screen management, having directed screen content on some of the largest projects in television and live entertainment.

  • One of the best features of this LED product is that it is IP65-rated on both the front and back sides. One has no fear of doing outdoor shows and experiencing a little foul weather.

    Black Widow CTS + Touring Frame + Touring Cart

    PLSN Staff | Product SpotlightSeptember 2017 | September 9, 2017

    A Look at Oracle LED Systems’ Tiles, Frames and Carts

    As I walked the floor at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando this summer, I was on a quest to search for the best touring package of LED video walls. I was looking for quality in the output, lightness in weight, toughness in fabrication, weather resistance and protective traveling options that make for a quick and efficient load in.

  • CB cabinets were hung in a circular array at Roe’s InfoComm 2017 booth.

    ROE Creative Display CB3 Video Tile

    PLSN Staff | August 2017Product Spotlight | August 11, 2017

    ROE Creative Display has been manufacturing quality LED displays for over 10 years. They have six different product lines now, with each one geared towards filling the needs specified by different scenarios. In 2016 ROE Creative Display unveiled their new Carbon line of LED displays, an ultra-light series of tiles that incorporates their own ROE carbon fiber technology in the tiles, making them an ideal product for touring.

  • Lightronics’ AR-1202RTC 12-channel x 2.4kW architectural dimmer.

    Lightronics Architectural Dimmers

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | July 12, 2017

    Lightronics got their start building dimmers, plain and simple. Founder Kevin Nelson was introduced to theater while a young man in school down in Virginia Beach, where he got involved with the audio and lighting gear he used. Eventually he was hired on by a local music store and got hands on work repairing lighting gear. Along the way he started using gear for shows, working long into the night before loading out his gear and going to the next venue the next day. At a point, he realized that dimmers needed to be constructed a bit more ruggedly to endure the rigors of being travelled in a van and be able to perform consistently every day. Read More...

  • GLP’s JDC1 Strobe comes with 1440 RGB and 216 white LEDs.

    GLP JDC1 Strobe

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | June 7, 2017

    The search for the perfect strobe light to replace the original Atomic model has been endless. Over the last three years, every lighting manufacturer has released their version of what they think the designers wanted. All LED models, it seems, as nobody wants to deal with the old tube style strobe, their power draw or the fact that they could thermal out after a few seconds. They built all white models, colored models, models with chasing quadrants.

  • Martin’s Dotron and Fatron Fixtures

    Martin’s Dotron and Fatron Fixtures

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | April 14, 2017

    I cut my teeth in lighting from early on, but eventually found myself working for a video production company, finding the gear far cooler — and far more complex. Back in those days, lights were lights, projectors were projectors, and never the twain met. But there were some emerging technologies and we always dreamed about marrying them, or at least producing a weird hybrid-freak-son-daughter.

  • Datapath Fx4

    Datapath x4, Fx4 and dL8

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | March 9, 2017

    Although Datapath has been around for a while, I only recently became aware of their product line. Having spec’d a rather large video wall a scant six months ago, Datapath frequently rose to the top of my Internet search as an external graphics box manufacturer, and they make some killer boxes. The company is mainly known for large, scalable wall controller servers and graphics capture cards, but they also offer a series of small-but-powerful multi-display units that are worth checking out.

  • The Sparkular

    The Sparkular

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | February 9, 2017

    The Sparkular is a DMX-controllable device that is capable of projecting up to a five-meter fountain of sparkles. This new product debuted at LDI 2016 and was named Best Debuting Product: Special Effects category. Since its inception, it has been used on the largest stages, from presidential campaigns to the 2016 American Music Awards. Read More...

  • Elation Fuze Wash Z120

    Elation Fuze Series

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | January 13, 2017

    In this modern day of pixilation, it’s become so commonplace for the new par fixtures to act like eye candy as opposed to emulating the look of a gelled par 64. While there is nothing particularly wrong with the look of an LED wash light with many cells on its face, some designers as well as artists prefer the look of the older pars and moving wash fixtures of yore. This is where Elation’s series of Fuze fixtures comes in. They have a lens system that turns this line of RGBW COB wash fixtures into one homogenous beam.

  • Features like transparency effects, brightness controls and image wrapping tools can be applied to a PixelMap Layer within a plot without requiring an external media server.

    Hog 4 3.5.0 Product Update

    PLSN Staff | Product Spotlight | December 12, 2016

    In the last 12 months High End Systems has been very busy with the implementation of many exciting features into the Hog 4 family of consoles.

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