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  • Nominate Your Hometown Heroes for 2010

    PLSN Staff | News | June 7, 2010
    LAS VEGAS - Each year PLSN honors regional lighting production companies with our Hometown Heroes awards. These awards honor the best regional lighting production company in six regions across North America: the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest and Canada. The best part about this is that PLSN readers - the people who actually work with these companies - get to decide who's really the best. Read More...
  • Fulcrum, Rational Host LED Tour at Haze Nightclub June 9

    PLSN Staff | News | June 4, 2010LAS VEGAS - Fulcrum Acoustic and Rational Acoustics are co-sponsoring a technical tour of Haze Nightclub at Aria Hotel and Casino, City Center - Las Vegas on Wednesday, June 9, 2010, at 6 pm. The tour will include a full AV demonstration of the nightclub's LED wall and lighting system as well as its 16-zone audio system. Read More...
  • ETC Advanced Programmers Group (APG) Forms to Support Architectural Installations

    PLSN Staff | News | June 4, 2010MIDDLETON, WI - ETC's new Advanced Programmers Group (APG) has been formed to support architectural projects like hotels, hospitals, houses of worship, museums, casinos and building facades in the North American market with programming services. APG's programming professionals will work with lighting designers, consultants, and on-site staff. Read More...
  • LD, Programmer Support NFL Draft Broadcasts

    PLSN Staff | News | June 4, 2010
    NEW YORK - Lighting programmer Matthew Piercy and LD Michael Franks helped the NFL Draft tackle the challenge of breaking into primetime TV with a series of live broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2 and the NFL Network from New York's Radio City Music Hall. Read More...
  • Event Tech Supports Earth Day Concert with Chauvet Gear

    PLSN Staff | News | June 4, 2010
    WASHINGTON DC - The Earth Day Network marked the 40th anniversary of the eco-minded day at the National Mall in support of the Climate Rally, a nine-hour event which drew up to 150,000 people. Read More...
  • In Memoriam: Jody Hanson, 56

    PLSN Staff | News | June 4, 2010
    MIDDLETON, WI - Jody Hanson, who worked with ETC's marketing department for over 13 years as the company's promotions and advertising manager, passed away May 30, 2010. The company grieves the loss. Read More...
  • Tegan and Sara World Tour Lightens the Load with Martin Gear

    PLSN Staff | News | June 4, 2010
    SALT LAKE CITY - Tegan and Sara lighting designer Benjamin Price was given a challenge: fit the entire lighting rig for the duo's tour into a 10-by-7-foot trailer without exceeding the 5,000-pound weight limit. Read More...
  • ESTA, PLASA Vote to Merge

    PLSN Staff | News | June 3, 2010NEW YORK and LONDON - The membership of ESTA and PLASA have voted to merge their two organizations. ESTA held its voting via a month-long electronic balloting process. PLASA voting took place June 2 at its annual AGM in London. Read More...
  • Verizon Hall Upgrades with J. R. Clancy Rigging System

    PLSN Staff | News | June 3, 2010PHILADELPHIA - When the 2,400-seat Verizon Hall opened in Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in 2001, its automated rigging system seemed like the right choice to move the acoustic canopies as each concert required. Read More...
  • Acclaim Lighting Transforms Trees in Lindsay, Calif.

    PLSN Staff | News | June 1, 2010
    LINDSAY, CA - Small-town boosters in New England can tout trees that change color by the season, but in this California town (pop.10,571), the color changes occur nightly, with a little help from Acclaim Lighting. Read More...
  • Martin LC Series LED Panels Reconfigured Mid-Tour for “Winter Jam 2010”

    PLSN Staff | News | June 1, 2010
    LOUISVILLE, KY - For the Winter Jam 2010 Christian music tour, which featured acts like Third Day, Newsboys, Newsong and Sidewalk Prophets, Axxis, Inc. provided LC Series LED panels as the visual centerpiece - then changed that centerpiece by flipping the panels from a horizontal to vertical configuration as the tour was underway. Read More...
  • Set Design for Bon Jovi Stadium Tour Features Arched Video Wall

    PLSN Staff | News | May 31, 2010
    EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - Bon Jovi's The Circle Tour needed a set design that was both practical and visually unique. Tait Towers credited Doug "Spike" Brant for coming up with the main visual concept: a videowall that looms skyward, beyond the stage, in the shape of a giant arch. Read More...
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