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International News

  • HSL Supports Pendulum’s Swing through U.K., Europe

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 8, 2010
    BLACKBURN, U.K. - HSL supplied lighting and crew to the U.K. and European tour by Australian drum and bass rockers Pendulum in support of their third album, Immersion. Read More...
  • Kinesys Automation System Animates Eurovision Song Contest

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 8, 2010OSLO, Norway - A large Kinesys automation system was specified for the 2010 Eurovision Song contest staged at the Telenor Arena in Oslo recently. The system included 80 Kinesys motors - a mix of 1 tonne and half tonnes, and K2 control - spec'd by lighting gaffer Richard Gorrod and operated by Ian Macdonald. Read More...
  • Charcoalblue Theatre Consultants to speak at ITEAC 2010

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 4, 2010
    LONDON - Four Charcoalblue consultants will address different topics at ITEAC 2010, including Charcoalblue's managing director Andy Hayles, creative director Jon Stevens, design director Gavin Green and senior consultant Giles Favell. Read More...
  • The Airport Disco Displays Video, Graphics with Eurolite LSD Curtains

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 4, 2010
    WURZBURG, Germany - The Airport disco recently installed 14 Eurolite LSD (LED Soft Display) curtains from Eurolite after owner Rudi Schmidt determined that the product offered the right combination of flexibility, low weight, bright colors and the ability to display video as well as graphics. Read More...
  • Chauvet Notes Progress Toward 20-House Goal in Haiti

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 4, 2010
    LEOGANE, Haiti - Chauvet has been working since April with the international relief and development agency Food for the Poor to raise enough funds to construct 20 homes for families displaced by the January earthquake. So far, 48 donors have assisted with about 32% of the $52,000 needed. Read More...
  • Eurovision Song Contest Rig Included Chroma-Q LEDs

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 4, 2010
    OSLO, Norway - Lighting designer Al Gurdon specified nearly 1,900 Chroma-Q LED fixtures to provide a lighting and video effects wall that served as the visual centrepiece for the 56th Eurovision Song Contest, Europe's largest non-sport television production.  Read More...
  • “Survivor South Africa” Telecast Thrives with Robe Gear

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 4, 2010
    JOHANNESBURG - Lighting designer Mauritz Neethling of LCD Productions used Robe moving lights at the core of his rig for the finale of Survivor South Africa Santa Carolina, which was broadcast from M-Net's Studio 6 in Johannesburg. Read More...
  • White Light Offers PIGI Projection Systems

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 3, 2010
    LONDON - Following the recent changes at E/T/C UK and projection designer Ross Ashton's launch of his new company, The Projection Studio, White Light announced that it is the sole supplier of the PIGI large-format projection system in the U.K. Read More...
  • Volkswagen Launch Lit by Robe Gear

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 3, 2010
    SUN CITY, South Africa - A lighting rig dominated by Robe fixtures was used for the recent launch of the Volkswagen Polo Vivo at Sun City Superbowl. Strike Productions provided the fixtures, working on behalf of Blue Moon, the production company. Robert Hoey from Dream Sets served as lighting designer. Read More...
  • Mardan Palace Entertains with Coemar Lighting, Projection

    PLSN Staff | International News | June 3, 2010
    ANTALYA, Turkey - The Mardan Palace resort is using lighting and projection fixtures from Coemar to entertain its guests at the resort's jazz bar, discotheque, amphitheatre and Grand Hall. Read More...
  • Coemar Fixtures Help Light “Excalibur, the Celtic Rock Opera”

    PLSN Staff | International News | May 23, 2010
    COLOGNE, Germany - Excalibur, the Celtic Rock Opera started touring Germany and Switzerland earlier this year, with a lighting rig that includes Infinity ACL S fixtures from Coemar. Read More...
  • DBN Lighting Helps Meeting Space Go from Daytime Business to Evening Pleasure

    PLSN Staff | International News | May 20, 2010
    BIRMINGHAM, U.K. - DBN Lighting and production company Just Communicate worked together recently to support a gala dinner for a technology company at the Hilton Metropole Hotel at the Birmingham NEC. Read More...
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