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International News

  • Circular Projections for Montblanc Watch Event

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 13, 2009
    BEIJING — A series of 11 large circular screens displaying rear-projected imagery and one 30-by-6 meter Element Labs Stealth LED screen were used to introduce the new Montblanc watch collection at the National Indoor Stadium in Beijing, with content synchronized by eight Hippotizer HD V3s. Read More...
  • New Gear Makes Cut for U.K. Dance Show

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 11, 2009
    LONDON — LD Mark Kenyon wanted some new effects for the final installment of the BBC’s latest Strictly Come Dancing series, and thought it fitting to try Robe DigitalSpot 7000DTs. They made the cut, and Kenyon went on to use the new gear for the Christmas Special edition as well, shown here. Read More...
  • Brazil’s Luzes de Sao Paulo Lit by Projectors

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 11, 2009
    SAO PAULO, Brazil — The edifices of the buildings in Brazil’s capital were animated by Christie projectors during the city’s Luzes de Sao Paulo (Lights of Sao Paulo) from Dec. 12-28, turning the landmarks into big screens for HD multimedia images of urban and Christmas themes. Read More...
  • Kings of Leon Tour Features Fluid Looks, Motion

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 9, 2009
    LONDON — Lighting designer/director Ali Bale, who has used Avolites consoles for the last 15 years, specified an Avolites Pearl Expert console to control lighting for the Kings of Leon’s Only By The Night tour. Read More...
  • Named ESP Vision Distributor

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 7, 2009
    LAS VEGAS — ZZYZX, Inc. appointed as its ESP Vision distributor for Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. will also be responsible for training and support in the region. Read More...
  • London Venues Updated with Ethernet

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 7, 2009
    LONDON — White Light has updated some venerable London venues, including the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Opera House and the Guildhall School, with Ethernet network infrastructures, adding versatility and ease of use. At the Royal Albert Hall, for example, DMX distribution to the dimmer room and lighting trusses has make life easier for the Hall’s staff and for visiting companies. Pictured here, from left: Richard Thomas (RAH), Roger Hennigan (WL), Nick Ware (ROH), Robin Barton (ROH) and Ollie Jeffery (RAH).
  • The New Year Rings In, South Africans Wring Out

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 6, 2009
    JOHANNESBURG — Gearhouse South Africa’s Tim Dunn had the goal of avoiding the same old thing for the City of Johannesburg’s New Year’s Eve event, and with a little help from Mother Nature, his wish was answered by the bucketfull. Read More...
  • CBeeBies Beasts Roam Amid Video Scenery

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 6, 2009
    LONDON — With a life-sized giraffe and elephant to contend with, AV supplier XL Events said the CBeeBies Live Treasure Hunt arena tour has been anything but child’s play. "This is the 4th year that I have been involved in this project and every year brings a new set of challenges,” said XL Events' Rich Rowley. Read More...
  • London Rings In New Year’s Projection

    PLSN Staff | International News | January 5, 2009
    LONDON — E/T/C London projected video images onto the 353-foot-height Shell building for the Mayor of London’s 2009 New Year’s Eve festivities. E/T/C has worked with producers Jack Morton Worldwide on the event for the last five years, but this was the first time projected video was used for the event. Read More...
  • Classic Rock Looks for U.K.’s Thunder

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 31, 2008
    LONDON — LD Ian “Scampi” Bintliff is known for making even a modestly-sized rig look larger than it actually is, and the Bang tour for U.K. rockers Thunder, staged in a wide variety of venues, was no exception. Blackburn-based HSL once again supplied lighting equipment and crew, managed by Howard Dean. Read More...
  • MTV, GHSA Give Birth to MAMAs

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 31, 2008
    ABUJA, Nigeria — The MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain (MAMA), the first in a series of annual awards presentations that are to be staged in different African countries, came to life with a set and rig with 50 tonnes of gear air-freighted from Johannesburg to Abuja in a chartered jumbo jet. Read More...
  • Multi-Level Stage Frames Jan Smit Tour

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 23, 2008
    AMSTERDAM — Dutch pop star Jan Smit is touring the Netherlands to promote his latest album. Prolyte supplied the complete staging and trussing set, through its distributor Controlled for Triple show Techniek, which supplied all the technical equipment for this tour. Read More...
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