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International News

  • Turning Public Fountains Into Light Sculptures

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 4, 2008
    BERLIN — Nils R. Schultze is an artist who has been using light instead of water to transform public fountains for the past several years. The Berlin fountain pictured here has been transformed by a light sculpture using color-changing illuminated strands curving in a five-meter radius. Other fountain projects use a skyward spray of light instead of water. Read More...
  • St. Paul’s Answers Big Questions, Visually

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 4, 2008
    LONDON — A projection by XL Video UK illuminated a variety of responses to a two big questions posed by artist Martin Firrell on the exterior of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The questions posed were, “What are the things that make life meaningful, and what does St. Paul’s mean in contemporary contexts to us in 2008?” Read More...
  • Lighting a Unique Venue for an Events Organization

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 4, 2008
    LONDON — Unique Venues in London (UVL), an organization that represents 68 percent of the city’s leading event venues, was planning its own event for 250 guests, staged at London’s Transport Museum, and was looking for a lighting supplier. White Light, which had lit previous UVL events at the Kew Gardens, the Science Museum, the London Eye and at the Transport Museum as well, once again got the nod. Read More...
  • Quick and Precise Lighting for The Scorpions

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 3, 2008
    MINSK, Belarus — The Scorpions performed before 7,000 people at the Sport Arena in Minsk as part of the German band’s Humanity World Tour, and moving lights from PR Lighting, supplied by local distributor FE Belimlight, gave LD Ranier Becker the speed and precision he was looking for to help the band make its point. Read More...
  • Fine-Tuning the Truss for the Red Piano Tour

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 3, 2008
    STOCKHOLM, Sweden — With campy set elements ranging from ersatz letters spelling E-L-T-O-N to a monstrous set of inflatable boobs, it’s unlikely that many people are paying much attention to the truss on Elton John’s Red Piano tour. But it’s also safe to say that the visuals for the show as a whole would not be the same without the truss and the 20-way Kinesys automation system provided by Summit Steel that moves set elements around. Read More...
  • Romanian Buildings Glow with Change

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 3, 2008
    GALATI and TECUCI, Romania — Daily life has changed for most of the residents of Galati and Tecuci, located near the border with Modavia and Ukraine, and so have the nights, with color-changing washes used on landmark buildings. The installation uses IP65-rated projectors from Clay Paky equipped with color diffusion filters, including 15 CP Color 150s and eight CP Color 575s. Read More...
  • Barco Announces Second Round of Staff Cuts

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 2, 2008KORTRIJK, Belgium — Barco’s plan to reduce its costs by 30 million euros, announced in July, was followed by staff reductions in September, and the company recently announced a second round of staff cuts which will trim the company’s global ranks by an additional 200 people. The company added that 130 of those people will be leaving the company this month. Read More...
  • LEDs Light Azadi Tower in Teheran

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 2, 2008
    TEHERAN, Iran — The Azadi Tower, made from 8,000 blocks of white marble and standing 50 meters high since it was built in Iran’s capital in 1971, is now being lit at night with a variety of LED fixtures from SGM. The fixtures, supplied by TechnoPro L.L.C., include 56 Genio Mobile units with 8° lenses, 120 Palco 5 fixtures with 8° lenses and 16 Genio Mobile units with 25° lenses. Read More...
  • ChainMaster To Add Production and Training Facilities

    PLSN Staff | International News | December 2, 2008EILENBURG, Germany — ChainMaster is adding production, presentation and training facilities to its headquarters location. The company expects a 350-square-meter expansion of its production area to be complete by the end of March 2009, and a second phase of construction adding 400 square meters to its production and presentation areas to be completed by next fall. Read More...
  • Moving Lights for Slovakian TV’s “Cat Girls”

    PLSN Staff | International News | November 28, 2008
    BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Over 100 Robe moving lights, controlled by grandMA consoles and other gear from MA Lighting, were used to light “Cat Girls,” a Slovakian TV show that tries to find the sexiest girl in the country. The show was staged in the Expo Arena in front of a live audience and broadcast live on Slovakia’s Markiza network. Read More...
  • Martin’s Q3 Results Lead to Job Cuts

    PLSN Staff | International News | November 25, 2008AARHUS, Denmark — Despite a boost from its prominent role at the Beijing Olympics and the positive, albeit delayed, launch of its MAC III Profile, Martin Professional is reeling from a sharp reduction in spending among leasing clients who are holding back on investments in new gear. The company has responded with a reorganization of its European sales organization and plans to cut 200 jobs by year’s end. Read More...
  • Robert Ornbo, 1931-2008

    PLSN Staff | International News | November 25, 2008SUFFOLK, U.K. — Robert Ornbo, one of the world’s most prolific and celebrated lighting designers, with over 300 productions to his credit, died Nov. 19 at the age of 77. The cause was Fibrosing Alveolitis, a condition Ornbo had been battling since he was diagnosed with it in 2001. Read More...
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