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Product News

  • Cooper Controls LightFactory V2 Software

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Cooper Controls has launched Version 2 of LightFactory PC-based lighting control software. A new fixture library engine with a hybrid of 100 percent dynamic fixture and generic fixture control and inherits almost 2000 fixtures from the Zero 88 library. Read More...
  • Goddard Design DMXter4 RDM Software Update

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Goddard Design Co. has released V4.00 software for the DMXter4 RDM. It can query, test and configure RDM responders and expands the DMX512 test options with the addition of an Intercept and Modify feature. Read More...
  • LD Assistant 08.5 Release

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Design & Drafting’s new LD Assistant 08.5 with sACN support allows consoles that support ACN, such as the ETC Eos console, to connect with LD Assistant over a local network. Read More...
  • Chauvet Colorado 1 VW

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    The Colorado 1 VW is an LED wash light with 18 warm and 18 cool white LEDs producing a range of color temperatures from 2800K to 7000K. It has an IP 66 rating for outdoor use and a 30-degree field angle. Read More...
  • Acclaim Rebel Pro ParT

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Acclaim Lighting’s Rebel Pro Par is an RGB color-mixing LED PAR with an IP65-rated housing that makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. It has 36 Rebel RGB LEDs (12 red, 12 green and 12 blue) and it is also available with Cool White or Warm White LEDs. Read More...
  • Chauvet COLORdash Quad

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 22, 2009
    Chauvet’s COLORdash™ Quad is a wash light with linear output that offers a wide field of color plus numerous options for a modest price. With 3, 4, 10 or 12-channel operating modes and saturated colors created by RGB color mixing, the COLORdash™ Quad includes four pods that can be controlled individually.  Each pod contains nine 1-watt LEDs for a total of 36 in the fixture. Read More...
  • Elation Design Wash LED Pro

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    Elation’s Design Wash LED Pro DMX-compatible LED moving head color wash, available for a “street price” of under $3,500, is powered by 108 3-Watt Rebel LEDs (52 red, 22 green, 22 blue and 12 white), which can be blended through additive RGB mixing using a DMX controller for a wide range of colors including pastels and white. Read More...
  • Martin MAC 301 Wash

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    The Martin MAC 301 Wash™ is an LED moving head washlight with zoom. Designed for rental applications, television use and nighttime venues, it provides beam angle control from 13 degrees to 36 degrees, with RGB color mixing through the entire zoom range able to produce a variety of saturated colors and pastels. The fixture has 108 LEDs arrayed in a high-density design for better color blending. The lens system is designed for optimum beam definition. The MAC 301 also includes an electronic 7 color + white color wheel rotation effect with snap, blackout or dimmer fade at each color change. The fixture also offers 0 to 100 percent dimming, strobe effects and 430-degree pan and 300-degree tilt with three-phase stepper motors. Designed for noise-sensitive applications, the fixture also includes an automatic positioning correction system returns the fixture to its original position should it be accidentally knocked out of position. It is DMX-512 controllable and features a variety of stand-alone programming options. Read More...
  • Robe Robin Moving Light Range

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    The new Robin 3 Plasma Spot from Robe features a 266-watt LiFi plasma lamp with 18,000 lumens, a color rendering index of 94, a flat field (1:1) and a 10,000 hour lamp life. It has 20 percent to 100 percent dimming and a semi-hot re-strike capability of less than 1/20th of a second for full lamp brightness. It has an optical efficiency of 54 percent and outputs 10,000 lumens. Other features include: RDM, 10°-40° beam angle, electronic auto-ranging power supply, static and rotating gobos, CMY color mixing, color wheel and variable CTO, prism, iris, variable frost, remote focus and Ethernet port. Read More...
  • VXCO DMXCreator V6.0

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    VXCO Lighting Systems has released version 6.0 of the DMXCreator PC lighting software. The PC-based lighting control system runs on Windows XP or Vista and outputs a DMX512 signal through the printer port (DMXCreator 512MK2) or USB port (DMXCreator 1024, DMXCreator Basic, or DMXCreator Advanced) with a serial- or USB-to-DMX512 interface. The new release allows the output of up to 2048 channels of DMX512, and it also includes new features such as live editing while sequences are playing in the background, LTP support and expanded Matrix functions for LED control. A free trial version can be downloaded from . Read More...
  • Pathway eDIN Family Adds RDM Support

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    Pathway Connectivity has begun shipping the eDIN RDM Splitter. The one-in/ four-out splitter automatically reverses direction to pass RDM packets back to the controller.  Opto-isolation is provided on all ports to block common voltage and ground loop faults.  Self-resetting poly-switches are used instead of fuses; remove the fault and the port recovers. RDM can also be blocked to resolve issues with legacy equipment.  The unit is RDM discoverable and configurable, even if RDM blocking is enabled. The DMX Thru connector also supports RDM.  Data can be daisy-chained through up to four modules in RDM mode or any number for DMX alone. Read More...
  • Martin Maxxyz Modules

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    Martin’s Maxxyz Modules is a complete lighting controller system based on a series of modules that can be used in different combinations. Five modules are available to build a custom console or can be used with Maxxyz PC™, Maxxyz™ or Maxxyz Compact™. All can be used table-top, mounted in a 19-inch rack system or in the new Maxxyz™ Module Frame. The module base includes a two DMX universe port. When a module is added to a system two physical DMX connections are also added. Each module comes equipped with a built-in Maxxyz PC dongle and support for up to 32 DMX universes. Read More...
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