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Product News

  • Compulite Vector Violet and Vector Ultra Violet consoles

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 24, 2009
    Compulite’s Vector Violet and Ultra Violet consoles, introduced at PLASA 09, were designed in response to requests from touring lighting designers and venues for compact dimensions without skimping on power or functionality. Read More...
  • Elation iDMX7 Playback/Controller With Infrared Remote

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 17, 2009
    Elation Professional’s iDMX7 Playback/Controller uses a hand-held infrared remote control and sensor to run LEDs or DMX lights. It can be mounted discreetly on a ceiling or in a corner and operated with the remote from more than 32 feet away, making it well-suited for entertainment venues, special events and architectural applications.  Read More...
  • Christie Roadie HD+35K

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 15, 2009
    The Christie Roadie HD+35K shines with 35,000 center lumens (32,500 ANSI lumens) and features Christie’s split-body design with separate lamp ballast. It’s part of the company’s three-chip DLP product line with native 2048x1080 HD resolution and 10-bit image processing. Read More...
  • New version of DL.3 Targets Fixed Installations

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 15, 2009
    Barco’s DL.3F is a fixed-installation version of High End Systems' DL.3 digital light. It features the same integrated media server and output capabilities as the DL.3, yet with reduced input/output capabilities. Read More...
  • Edirol LVS-800 8-Channel Video Mixer with DSK

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 14, 2009
    Roland Systems Group's LVS-800 is an eight-channel standard definition video mixer. The Edirol LVS-800 is well-suited for live events or installations requiring stability, ease of use and professional connectivity. Read More...
  • American DJ UVLED Bar 16

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 8, 2009
    The UVLED Bar 16 from American DJ is powered by 16 1-watt UV LEDs and draws 30 watts. It features 0 to 100 percent electronic dimming, 3-button menu display and a strobe effect. Read More...
  • Artistic Licence Art-Switch PoE4

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 8, 2009
    The new Art-Switch PoE4 from Artistic Licence can be used to connect up to four Art-Net nodes, such as Art-Lynx, providing both data and power for the unit and eliminating the need for external power supplies for each node.  Read More...
  • Mega Control Systems Disco/Enlighten DMX Software

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 8, 2009
    Mega Control Systems, a division of Mega Systems Inc, announces the release of its newest version of lighting control software for nightclub and lounge control, Disco 2.0. Read More...
  • E:cue Light-Drive Elite

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 8, 2009
    The Light-Drive Elite standalone DMX controller from E:cue Lighting Control, an Osram company, gives users a way to control RGB LED lighting without programming software.  Read More...
  • i-Pix BB7 with New Optical Design

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 8, 2009
    Specialist U.K.-based LED manufacturer i-Pix launched a new version of its BB7 LED luminaire with wider angles than the original 10º BB7 Beam Light fixture developed last year. Read More...
  • LSC Extends MDR Splitter Range

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 8, 2009
    Australia-based LSC Lighting Systems has extended the recent release of MDR Splitters with MDR DMX512 splitters that have RJ45 connectors.  Read More...
  • Goddard μDMX Test Tool

    PLSN Staff | Product News | September 8, 2009
    Goddard Design Co. announced the limited return of the μDMX test tool.  The μDMX is a hand held, battery powered multiplexed dimmer protocol generator. Read More...
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