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Product News

  • Chauvet Colorado 1 VW

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    The Colorado 1 VW is an LED wash light with 18 warm and 18 cool white LEDs producing a range of color temperatures from 2800K to 7000K. It has an IP 66 rating for outdoor use and a 30-degree field angle. Read More...
  • Acclaim Rebel Pro ParT

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Acclaim Lighting’s Rebel Pro Par is an RGB color-mixing LED PAR with an IP65-rated housing that makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. It has 36 Rebel RGB LEDs (12 red, 12 green and 12 blue) and it is also available with Cool White or Warm White LEDs. Read More...
  • XLNT PowerMotion DS8

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    XLNT Advanced Technologies has launched the PowerMotion DS8 Pro and Pro Plus Series of Solid State Motion Controllers. Each can control up to eight direct or low voltage chain hoists and features a solid state MCB per individual motor/channel, adjustable maximum power up to nine amps and a PL D, ISO 13849-1 and SIL2 compliant Emergency Stop System. Read More...
  • Martin LightJockey Version 2.9.1

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Martin Professional’s Windows-based LightJockey v.2.9.1 includes Vista 32-bit compatibility and new fixture updates, as well as other upgrades.  LightJockey will now recognize Windows Vista (32-bit only) as an operating system and allow for Universal USB/DMX interface configuration and use when running under Windows Vista. Read More...
  • Enttec MIDIwing Software

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Enttec recently announced the release of its new MIDIwing control software.  MIDIwing, in conjunction with Enttec’s already established playback, shortcut and programming wings, gives users the ability to define MIDI note or ASCII triggers for any lighting or media control device that will listen to the protocol.  Read More...
  • Gefen Wireless Video

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Gefen’s two new Wireless VGA Extenders are available in long range and short range versions. The GefenTV Wireless VGA Extender LR delivers video with analog L/R audio up to 100 feet, offering users the ability to tap into multiple Wi-Fi channels for optimal signal transmission. Read More...
  • Christie LX400 3LCD Projector

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    The new Christie LX400 is an XGA 4000 ANSI lumens projector with 1000:1 contrast ratio. It weighs 15.8 pounds (7.2 kg) and includes an integrated carrying handle and cabinet. Among the key features are auto keystone, a customizable start-up screen, and Kensington™ style slot and security bar anti-theft devices. Read More...
  • Broadcast Pix 3G Switcher Frame

    PLSN Staff | Product News | June 1, 2009
    Broadcast Pix announced a new 3G Switcher Frame as an upgrade for its Slate G Series of live video production systems. The new frame is native 3Gbps 1080p/60 and provides simultaneous multi-definition SDI I/O for 1080p, 1080i, 720p and standard definition and DVI.  Read More...
  • Chauvet COLORdash Quad

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 22, 2009
    Chauvet’s COLORdash™ Quad is a wash light with linear output that offers a wide field of color plus numerous options for a modest price. With 3, 4, 10 or 12-channel operating modes and saturated colors created by RGB color mixing, the COLORdash™ Quad includes four pods that can be controlled individually.  Each pod contains nine 1-watt LEDs for a total of 36 in the fixture. Read More...
  • Martin Maxxyz Modules

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    Martin’s Maxxyz Modules is a complete lighting controller system based on a series of modules that can be used in different combinations. Five modules are available to build a custom console or can be used with Maxxyz PC™, Maxxyz™ or Maxxyz Compact™. All can be used table-top, mounted in a 19-inch rack system or in the new Maxxyz™ Module Frame. The module base includes a two DMX universe port. When a module is added to a system two physical DMX connections are also added. Each module comes equipped with a built-in Maxxyz PC dongle and support for up to 32 DMX universes. Read More...
  • LSC Redback

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    LSC Lighting Systems Australia has announced the release of the latest addition to the Redback family of dimmer racks. The new Redback 12 dimmer provides 12 channels at 10A with 100 percent duty cycle in a 2RU package. It is RDM compliant, allowing remote configuration from any RDM compatible controller. This new functionality will be available as a free software upgrade for existing 6-channel Redback dimmers. The Redback design allows the unit to be assembled as a 2RU dimmer with rear outlets or as a 4RU dimmer with front outlets. The rack mount ears can also be reversed for wall mounting. Read More...
  • Look Solutions Viper S

    PLSN Staff | Product News | May 1, 2009
    The Viper S is the latest addition to Look Solutions’ line of fog machines, complementing the Viper NT and the Viper 2.6.  The Viper S has all the features of the Viper NT, but with 50 percent of the size and wattage and 60 percent of the weight.  DMX, analog and stand-alone controls are standard, along with a programmable digital timer.  It also includes a Profile Timer, which allows you to fog for a specified amount of time and then automatically stop. If the machine runs out of fluid a sensor that will shut down the pump. MSRP is $1,040. Read More...
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