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LD at Large Podcast

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For Richer, For Poorer, in Sickness and in Health – with Chris McMeen

with Chris McMeen – Rental Rep. at Christie Lites

On this episode, we discuss why relationships in our business matter, why being an amazing business partner is pinnacle, how to get your costs down on rentals, how to make an efficient shop order, communication with your shop, the importance of integrating with your clients, maintaining constant contact with hundreds of clients and customers, maintaining genuine relationships with core friends/clients, when are we on the clock and when are we off the clock?, and why sushi is an important part of all meetings.

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Take the Jobs That You Want with Gratitude and Humility – with Jason “Liggy” Liggett

With Jason “Liggy” Liggett – Lighting Director and Designer at LIggy Lights

On this episode, we discuss how to get to the top by finding the open doors and leading with the right foot once you are in, walking away from full-time touring to focus on being home more, finding the gigs that feed our inner pirate, discussing the collaborative art culture in the NorthEast, working on Saturday Night Live remotes, bouncing back and forth between televised and live events, and some interesting tales of touring and TV and all things lighting!

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The Evolution Will Be Broadcast – with Stan Crocker

with Stan Crocker – Three-time Emmy nominated Lighting Designer/Director at Sightline Design Group

On this episode, we discuss how everything Is for broadcast, discussing politics online and having hard discussions, working with Cowboy Junkies and the Trinity Sessions,  using minimalism to create powerful design, the happiness one can find in mentoring, helping creative young people find creative paths, the extreme satisfaction in doing something big with very little, some of his favorite projects and why we love Instagram.

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Passion Circulates Through the Bloodline – with Dakota and LeRoy Bennett


Dakota Bennett – Freelance EIC

LeRoy Bennett –  Production Designer at Seven Design Works

On this episode, we compare work ethics and philosophies of the younger and older generations, how to get out from a parent’s shadow, how to avoid getting called out for nepotism, how to support passion however it expresses itself, the pride of having children be a part of big projects, when to bring your children to work with you, how we accept inspiration from our parents, and a whole lot of family discussions about work.

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Rising Above the Ego Like a Giraffe – with Jim Rood

with Jim Rood – Lighting Designer/ Programmer RoodLD LLC

On this episode, we discuss how good design is absolutely invisible, the benefits and compromises of collaboration, dissecting show files, taking ideas too personally, when is it okay to work for free?, when to work for art sake and when to work for a paycheck, how big ideas need to be reshaped to fit the production, how to keep creativity available in a box of ideas, how to rely on professionals to do their jobs and a lot of discussion about giraffes.

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Seeing Colors More Deeply – Discussing Psychedelics in Design with Greg Ellis

with Greg Ellis – Lighting Designer for Pretty Lights

Disclaimer: This podcast is not an endorsement of psychedelics. This podcast is two people talking about personal experiences. We are not doctors and we are not in any position to give medical, lifestyle or psychiatric advice. Listen to this podcast at your own discretion.

On this episode, we discuss expanding our minds, how he got introduced to psychedelics, intentionality of psychedelics, new brain connections, dissolving the ego for design purposes, the positive and negative enduring effects of hallucinogens, comparing meditation to tripping, the addictive qualities (or lack thereof) of psychedelics, legalization of such substances and some great personal stories.

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Accept Impermanence and Develop Big Ideas – with Christien Methot

with Christien Methot – Owner and Lighting Designer at Design One Lighting Design

On this episode, we discuss CameraReady LiteBars for the new normal, lighting Zoom calls, the importance of good lighting design in corporate environments, the necessity of diverse lighting skills, how to keep up pace in the cut throat New York lighting industry, what it is like to bounce between live events and permanent installs, when to go big and flashy and when to go subdue and effective, and how do we increase diversity in design?

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Creating Opportunities With Honest Elegance – with Brandon Stirling Baker

with Brandon Stirling Baker –  Knight of Illumination Award-winning Lighting Designer

On this episode, we discuss lighting in dance and ballet, his recent job with the Boston Ballet, finding inspiration in a world without a theater and without a venue, moving from LA to NY, working as a musician and illustrator, hunting for work vs. joining a union vs. having representation, How to apply for artistic grants, working with budget/time constraints, and creating impact by breaking the rules.

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Talking ‘Bout My Generation – with Tom Kenny

with Tom Kenny Lighting Designer at Tom Kenny Lighting Design

On this episode, we discuss working with legends like, The WHO, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and David Bowie, the corporatization of the entertainment industry, making magic moments for the audience, sharing stories with rock legends, taking the piss out of the promoters who take themselves too seriously, how troublesome rock stars have turned into legends of philanthropy and speaking truth from a lifetime of rock wisdom.

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Lighting the New World with UVC – with Eric Wade

with Eric Wade – Production Designer at Crossfade Design LLC

On this episode, we discuss the importance of UVC technology, solving problems no matter what the process, pivoting to fit the needs of your clients, how past and recent studies are proving one more time the effectiveness of UVC against Corona Viruses – and in particular against SARS-CoV-2, how UVC exposure inactivates microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses by altering the structure and the molecular bonds of their DNA, how UV light has been studied since the late 19th century with focus on UVC from around 1930, some classic road stories and some speculation on a timeframe and process of returning to concert touring.

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Backbreaking Work for Heartbreaking Gains – with David Davidian

with David Davidian – Well established Tour Manager, Production Manager, Video Director, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager and Production Designer.

On this episode, we discuss whether it is better to be good at everything or specialize in one field, defaulting “yes” to as many opportunities as possible, working for bands that you respect, starting concerts in Boston, wearing multiple hats on major tours, how to find creative outlets in the the logistics of touring, taking accountability for your crew, accepting constructive criticism for your art, and some musing on the COVID-19 rebound.

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