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LD at Large Podcast

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Lighting Wonders of the World – with Bud Horowitz

With Bud Horowitz – Freelance Lighting Designer

On this episode, we discuss lighting the last major event for 2020, Yanni, how lighting has allowed him to travel the world, using our jobs as a vacation opportunity, the progression of set design becoming the lighting designer role, the pros and cons of doing theater in unique/antique locations, finding the balance between traveling the world for work and being at home and how experience gives you the tools to remain calm under pressure.

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Odd Couple Lighting – with Michael Keller and Ethan Weber

with Michael Keller – Lighting Designer and Director at AMO Lighting out of Las Vegas

and Ethan Weber – Lighting Designer and Director out of Chicago

On this episode, we swap some stories between two pillars of the industry, the existence of band loyalty, whether or not to be chummy with your band clients, the difference between designer roles and director roles on the road, the corporatization of the rock ’n roll industry, how a long resume may or may not allow you better negotiations and getting sent to the rock ’n roll HR department.

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How Not To Die – with Andrew Kennelly

with Andrew Kennelly – Technical Director and Lighting Designer for Entertainment Plus Productions at Fashion Show in Las Vegas

On this podcast, we discuss one alternative to an unhealthy diet while on the road or working a house gig, how your diet can affect your work habits, how to deal with food restrictions, apps that can find healthier foods on the road, how to respond to positive and negative judgments in the work place, how to suggest your employers best provide vegetarian options at work, updating your bus stock list and a discussion on veganism in the workplace.

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Knowing Where to Take the Hits – with Peter Morse

with Peter Morse – Emmy Award Winning Lighting Designer

On this episode, we discuss working with eccentric artists, how being a musician can helps his lighting career, how to manage expectations for people who want everything, the importance of having a representative manager, how to use technology to create emotion, working with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Yanni, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton etc., working in Lake Tahoe, friendship vs. clientele relationships, and when to follow the rules and when to break them.

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Making Art For One’s Own Self – with Josh Fleitell

with Joshua Fleitell –  Founder and Lead Creative at dubpixel inc.

On this episode, we discuss mindfulness in design, how to separate ourselves from outcomes, separating our identities from our work, decreasing the stigmatization of therapy and self care, allowing creativity to control the workflow, digital art vs. structural/tangible art forms, making time for creative playtime outside your metier, working with OK Go and Blue Man Group, mental health in our industry and creating self value.

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Unemployed Bartender Makes Good – with Tim McKenna

with Tim McKenna – Production Manager for Live Nation Boston

On this episode, we discuss his origin story, how he got into the industry, $5 T-shirts, $3/ hour load ins, pre-OSHA rock ’n roll days, the tribulations of doing 250 shows per year in Boston, the progression of the rock industry, fuzzy timelines of rock, working for beer, The Paradise Rock Club, maintaining a relationship as a house guy/production manager, and risking our lives to ensure that the show must go on.

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Technology Will Set You Free – with Andrew Giffin

with Andrew Giffin – Lighting Designer and Programmer at gifLD

on this episode, we discuss how he is spending his time at home, leaving a big city for a small town, intellectual property of show files, when should consoles be on the internet?, VPN/TeamViewer console networking, when should the programmer be controlling all aspects of the show including automation, video, special effects?, coming home to get some rest and the gif star rating.

“I know why we’re here. We’re all here because we’re not all there.”

– Steven Tyler

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Value Others The Way You Want To Be Valued – with Marc Janowitz

with Marc Janowitz – Principal Designer & Founder at E26 Design

On this episode, we discuss putting yourself into your art enough to make it unique, taking yourself out of the art enough to not take it too personal, when to go big and when to play it safe, climbing the value ladder, how to use your art to provide for a family of four, how to deal with rejection, creating huge impact on a tight budget and the philosophies necessary to justify big decisions.

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Instagram: @e26design

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A Little Nepotism Never Hurt Nobody, Honey


John Featherstone – Founding Partner at Lightswitch Inc.

Hailey Featherstone – Freelance Lighting Programmer and Designer

Mario Educate – President & CEO, OSA International

Carmen Educate – Executive Vice President, OSA International

On this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of nepotism in the entertainment business, the pride of having children be a part of big projects, bringing children into the shops and theaters, providing support for children who want to follow in their parents footsteps, how to get out from a parent’s shadow, how to climb the corporate ladder with a parental safety net, comparing work ethics and philosophies of the younger and older generations and a whole lot of family discussions about work.

“A little nepotism never hurt nobody, honey. If you got it, use it. Press on with it. Remind them of it.”

– Lena Horne

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Being a Part of History Behind the Console – with Kevin Lawson

with Kevin Lawson – Emmy nominated Lighting Designer/Director at UVLD

On this episode, we discuss lighting Obama, the importance of the term “The show must go on”, being a part of history behind the console, how to maintain calm under pressure, how to manage expectations as a designer and as a programmer, how to not let a small mistake turn into a showstopper, when to abandon a good idea for a better idea, when does perfectionism turn into just being an ass?, how discrimination applies to corporate artists and making people look good no matter what.

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Painting Pretty Pictures With Photons – with Steve Lieberman

with Steve Lieberman – Owner of SJ Lighting, Inc.

On this podcast, we discuss the progression of EDM/Nightclub lighting and production industry, the logistics of mega structures, the necessary safety measures, how the audience became the focal point of the show above the artist, when is too much enough?, how to convince accountants to pay for extravagant productions using pretty pictures, extreme macros, intellectual property, elegance vs. extravagance, how to respect a contract and how digital renderings can be used to sell bigger ideas.

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Climbing the Ladder From Down Under – with Mitchell Fenton

with Mitchell Fenton – Lighting Designer

On this episode, we discuss moving to NYC from Australia and the differences in design & theatre, working in Lighting around the world and differences between each countries with design and technical and processes, lighting and working on cruise ships, how to work your way up a ladder from lighting office assistant to assistant lighting designer to designer, what are the different roles of each, being as associate designer compared to principal designer, how a formal education can help or hinder in securing an associate designer position and how a formal education can help or hinder as a designer?

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