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ADJ’s Eye-catching New RGB LED Dancefloor

PLSN Staff • Product News • March 18, 2020


LOS ANGELES – Designed to get any party started, ADJ’s MDF (Magnetic Dance Floor) System is a new portable illuminated dancefloor aimed at event production and mobile entertainment companies. Featuring vibrant LED illumination, a robust yet lightweight design, a unique magnetic connection system for easy setup and individual control of each panel via DMX, it is ideal for creating impact and atmosphere at a wide range of corporate and private parties and events.

More details from ADJ (

Each panel (MDF2) is illuminated by an array of 3-in-1 RGB LEDs that cause its opaque surface to glow intensely. Full color mixing (red, green and blue) allows the creation of an almost limitless selection of vibrant colors, while each panel in a larger dancefloor system can be controlled individually. This provides unlimited creative potential for the design of static patterns and animated chase effects using DMX control, while the system also offers a variety of easy-to-use pre-programmed color macros and chase effect patterns.


Users can choose between Sound Active, Standalone or DMX Controlled modes, while the later offers four different DMX channel modes (3, 5, 7 or 10), allowing flexibility depending on the total number of available channels and the level of control required. Mode selection and DMX addressing of each panel is facilitated via a four digit LED display on the side of the panel, which is hidden when a full dancefloor is setup.

Thoughtfully designed with input from seasoned event professionals, the MDF2 panels fit together quickly and easily thanks to an innovative magnetic locking system. This not only makes it easy to join panels together, but it also facilitates a convenient cable-free power and data transmission arrangement that connects adjacent units in a row. Power and control signals are then supplied to each row via a dedicated power ramp (MDF2PR) which features 3-pin DMX input and output sockets alongside proprietary 4-pin 24V DC power connections. Power is supplied to the system by a choice of dedicated power supply units designed to feed different quantities of panels: 9 (MDF2PSUX9), 20 (MDF2PSUX20) or 40 (MDF2PSUX40). An MDF System dancefloor is completed using additional edge ramps without cables (MDF2DR) on the three other sides as well as four corner ramp pieces (MDF2CR).


The face of the MDF2 panel is manufactured from semi-transparent tempered glass. This makes it very easy to clean off marks or smudges at the end of the night while also meaning that the surface is extremely strong. Adding to the practicality of the system, the panel also has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 54, which means that it is protected from drink spills. The panel has surface dimensions of 600mm x 600mm (23.62” x 23.62”) and a low height of just 70mm (2.76”). It weighs just 26.57 lbs. (12.05 kgs.) yet can support a weight of up to 300 kgs/m2 (61.5 lbs/ft2) – more than enough for a dense crowd of party-goers!

In addition to the panel, ramps and power supplies, the MDF System also features a useful suction-based panel lifting tool. The MDF2RF is a convenient and easy-to-use accessory that allows a single MDF2 panel to be removed and replaced from the middle an MDF Series dancefloor (for example to correct a DMX addressing error). Levers on its two suction cups lock the tool to the surface of the panel with a secure enough bond that lifting the handle also lifts out the panel. Once the panel has been removed, the levers are simply released to discontent the tool from the panel.

The MDF System is completed by a dedicated road case, which has been specifically designed to protect, store and transport MDF Series dancefloor panels and their related accessories. The MDF2FC9 features slots for nine MDF2 panels alongside two separate partitioned spaces: one for edge ramps and one for a power supply and related cables. Featuring a hinged lid that locks in place by two butterfly catches, the robust road case is fitted with six castors (two with locking brakes), four recessed lifting handles and slots on in the lid that correspond to the location of the castors to allow multiple cases to be securely stacked on top of each other.


The MDF2 panels, as well as all of the MDF Series accessories, are available individually, however, to make ordering easier for busy event companies, ADJ is also offering a complete 9 panel pack. The MDF2-9SYS is a fully-loaded MDF2FC9 flight case that comes complete with 9 MDF2 panels and a MDF2PSUX9 power supply, together with all the cables and ramps needed to make a full 3 x 3 panel dancefloor. The system can then be purchased in multiples and used together to create larger dancefloor configurations.

“The feedback on the MDF System from event professionals has already been incredibly positive,” enthuses ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “They can see the potential for using the MDF2 to create statement dancefloors that their corporate and high-budget private event clients will love. The unique magnetic locking system, which makes setting up the system so quick and easy, is another winning feature of the product. Add to this its lightweight, yet extremely tough, design and we believe the MDF System offers production companies the ultimate LED dancefloor solution.”

Thanks to its easy-to-setup magnetic connection system, low weight and robust design, the MDF Series is ideal for temporary event use by mobile entertainment and event production companies. However, it is also suitable for permanent installation in nightclubs and bars looking to create a uniquely eye-catching dancefloor.

The ADJ MDF2 panels, as well as all the related accessories, are available now worldwide!

To find out more about the ADJ MDF2, visit:



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