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ArKaos Introduces Flexible Licensing for MediaMaster Pro

PLSN Staff • Product News • September 11, 2019


LOS ANGELES –  ArKaos, the leading real-time visual processing technology provider for live performance and spectacular displays, introduces License Rental for its flagship MediaMaster Pro real-time video control software platform.   This enables weekly rental periods of MediaMaster Pro usage.   Users have two purchase options – one week or four weeks – to ensure they have a cost-effective and financially expedient opportunity to optimize their workflow.

More details from Arkaos (

It can be used to cover a single project or (in the case of the 4-week option) four different weeklong periods spread over a longer time period.   The license can be easily and quickly purchased online at:

and users can immediately maximize their access to all the benefits for the duration. The License Rental is also available through the ArKaos distribution network.

Upon purchase, a license key code is received that works just like a standard license. The user can quickly register it in their private account or directly on the computer being used to run MediaMaster Pro.   They can then unleash all the power, potential, and great features of one of the most popular video and mapping control platforms worldwide.

The goal of ArKaos License Rental is to give freelance programmers and operators as well as larger organizations more options to use MediaMaster Pro in any situation.

ArKaos knows from experience that a broad range of projects – from fully realized to those in preproduction/visualization – need this flexibility.

Many scenarios are possible with the 4-week license. It can be used it on 4 different computers simultaneously e.g. to unlock two main servers and two backups during one week at a significant TV show.

Another might be to unlock the same computer four times in one week for a theater production staged only during the first week of the month.   This new ArKaos facility starts during the second week of September 2019.  MediaMaster Pro is the first product to accept the License Rental. In the future, it is intended to roll it out to other ArKaos products.



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