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ArKaos Supports the 2020 TPi Awards

PLSN Staff • International News • March 2, 2020

LONDON – ArKaos – the leading real-time visual processing technology provider for live performance and multiple spectacular displays – continued its support of the Total Production International (TPi) Awards.

More details from Arkaos (

The annual event was produced by TPi Magazine, part of Mondiale Media, and honours some of the best creative and technical achievements in the world of live entertainment. The TPi Awards 2020 was staged on Monday 24th February at the Evolution venue in Battersea, central London, and was hosted by comedian Russell Kane.

An ArKaos Stage Server Pro running Kling-Net protocol was used by lighting designer Nathan Wan in the main room to pixel map 108 Robe moving lights – a mixture of Spiider LED wash beams and Tetra2 moving LED battens.

This saved 26 universes of DMX and allowed the swift creation of fluid and dynamic patterns and sequences running through the lights … which looked spectacular and beautifully complemented all the video effects.

Nathan ran a mix of standard and specially created video content, triggered from the Avo Tiger Touch II console that was used to run all the room’s show lighting.

In the bar area, the lighting included 28 x Robe Tarrantulas – large LED wash beam moving lights – also fed with Kling-Net from another ArKaos Stage Server Pro run from a second Avo Tiger Touch II console.

As well as reducing the amount of DMX universes needed, running ArKaos through the relevant pixel fixtures also saved lots of programming time … which was exceedingly tight, so every minute counted!

Also in the bar area, video and AV specialist Marcel Wijnberger – who works for ArKaos’s UK and Irish distributor Entedi – utilized an ArKaos Studio 4K server to feed content into two high-powered Epson 20K projectors.

Marcel Wijnberger Entendi, Calder Sibald Blacklight Benajmin Bauven Arkaos Joel May -Alabama /Novelty, Agnes Wojewoda -Arkaos, Ciaran Donnelly PSI Alexandre CAPPONI Dushow.

This was mapped to eight custom white portrait screen surfaces flown in front of one of the long walls at varying heights creating a ‘feature wall’. These were used to display a selection of spectacular front cover designs from recent TPi magazines. These magazine spreads were interspersed with lively party-style content graphics.

Once the main event was over, the afterparty action shifted to the bar area, and the space that was initially open between the two rooms was closed via tab-tracked black drapes.

The ArKaos Studio 4K server was also used to push material to a series of Roe Vanish 8 ‘totem’ LED columns positioned in front of the now-closed curtain … effectively partitioning off the bar and bringing the wall alive with imagery.

This allowed crew in the main room to start their de-rig and get out, while guests continued the great vibes, partying and networking in the bar.

The Studio 4K server was run by Marcel from a grandMA2 onPC, with content programmed into three cue stacks – one dealing with the magazine covers, one for the kinetic content and the third with some ArKaos branding.

The 2020 TPi awards event was another hugely successful evening attended by 1700 industry professionals, movers & shakers.

Agnes Wojewoda from ArKaos with Cally Bacchius from Entedi

Among them were ArKaos’ managing director Agnes Wojewoda who commented, “We’ve supported the TPi awards for several years by supplying our latest technologies for the show elements, and it was great to see it used so imaginatively and to help produce such great results.

“We enjoyed spending the evening catching up with our industry friends and colleagues, and special thanks to all our UK and Irish customers who joined us at the ArKaos table.”

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