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Elation Artiste Rembrandt

PLSN Staff • Product News • February 26, 2020


LOS ANGELES – Elation Professional is pleased to offer a new addition in its multi-award-winning Artiste range of high performance moving heads, the Artiste Rembrandt™ LED Wash, a powerful companion washlight to the popular Artiste Monet™ LED Profile. With superior output, unmatched color and a package of design options that includes an innovative wash texture concept, the Artiste Rembrandt is designed for service on even the largest stage.

More details from Elation (

The Artiste Rembrandt’s high-quality Fresnel lens optics and hotspot LED engine provide an optimized wash field and high center intensity that make it an ideal wash solution for high output applications. This robust moving head uses the same efficient 950W 6,500K Bright White LED engine as the Monet to power out up to 51,000 lumens of superior wash output. With a fast zoom range from 8° to 72° and an impressive 180mm front lens, the Rembrandt has the power to cut through at even great distances in arena touring environments or large TV or theater stages.

The traditional Fresnel lens is interchangeable with a Pebble Convex lens, providing a tighter beam angle and higher center intensity for long throws or beam applications, and DMX controllable variable fan modes ensure low noise operation in noise sensitive environments

The Artiste Rembrandt houses the same 7-flag SpectraColor™ color mixing system as the Artiste Monet for some of the most gorgeous colors ever produced by an automated LED luminaire. Exclusive to Elation Professional, SpectraColor combines industry-standard CMY color mixing with complementary RGB flags for the ability to fade between the softest pastels to deep saturated primary colors. With the addition of variable CTO, as well as a fixed color wheel with UV and high CRI options, the Rembrandt offers the color combinations that world-class lighting designers require.

Another common feature with the Artiste Monet, and another example of unique innovation, is an unlimited indexing and continuous rotational framing system. The full blackout, 4-blade framing system allows designers to not only refine the beam shape, frame around objects and project at any angle, it allows shapes to rotate while morphing and transforming for creative transitions, projections and aerial effects.

The Rembrandt also incorporates an innovative wash texture concept that gives the designer new tools to wash stages while providing soft textures and depth. Two independent animation wheels allow for directional motion, including overlapping and counter-rotating motion effects for texturing and layering possibilities that are unique to the fixture. Combined with its incredible output and stunning SpectraColors, the Rembrandt is a surprisingly versatile luminaire for a wide range of applications. The fixture also houses dual variable frosts (medium, heavy) for even more flexibility and a high-speed iris can be engaged for further impression.

The Artiste Rembrandt is outfitted with all the professional control and connection features that designers would expect from a cutting-edge luminaire. With unprecedented power, cutting-edge SpectraColor system and full array of professional design features, the Artiste Rembrandt sets a new standard as a benchmark automated LED wash luminaire.


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