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Avolites announces Ai v12.1 release to unlock key features to Power Every Performance.

PLSN Staff • Product News • March 31, 2020

LONDON – Avolites will be announcing the Ai v12.1 software release with the new range of Q-series media servers Spring 2020, further powering every project and performance

More details from Avo (

In this release the key feature updates will include:

  • 64 bit architecture, allowing Ai to support the latest Notch blocks for dynamic, generative content. Ai v12.1 will now only work on 64bit versions of Windows and support 64 bit Synergy and USB Expert.
  • AMD Texture Upload which will allow additional layers when used in conjunction with an AMD graphics card.
  • Supports audio standards 5.1 and 7.1 providing additional audio channels, ideal for corporate events and art installations.
  • Pioneer PRO DJ LINK Bridge integration.  As an official partner of Pioneer DJ we have developed a tight integration with PRO DJ Link Bridge compatible products such as the; CDJ-TOUR1, DJM-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2, and DJM-900NXS2.

 For full details of all the features in this release visit 

Avolites Q Series Media Server Specifications.

  Q3 Q3pro Q4 Qgen
OUTPUTS 1 x 4K output,
2 x HD outputs & separate GUI output
2 x 4k outputs, 1 HD output & separate GUI output 4 x 4k outputs & separate GUI output 3 x 4k outputs & separate GUI output


EDID MANAGEMENT Hardware EDID managed HDMi outputs Hardware EDID managed HDMi outputs Hardware EDID managed HDMi outputs Hardware EDID managed HDMi outputs
GPU Radeon Pro wx7100 Radeon Pro wx7100 Radeon Pro wx9100 Nvidia Quadro P6000
BENEFIT Small form factor high performance media playback Multiple 4k outputs for high resolution projects Modular flex inputs, allowing freedom to adapt to project requirements Powerful NVidia GPU that delivers approx. 30,000 Notch Marks
USECASE Media playback, small to mid-sized tours, corporate, art installations, flight friendly, fixed installations, theatres, nightclubs High resolution media playback, small to large tours, corporate installations, flight friendly, fixed installation, theatres, nightclubs Very high-resolution media playback, large sized tours, large corporate events, large installations Ideal for Generative content or Realtime Effects, live touring, corporate, festivals, art installations









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