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Broadway and Hollywood’s performing artists creatively appeal to voters: Take JUST ONE STEP FOR DEMOCRACY and Plan your Vote!

PLSN Staff • News • August 27, 2020

NYC – Encouraging people to vote for change in November has become a passionate undertaking for many in the Broadway and Hollywood performing arts community and their extended community of performers, artists, writers, producers, and activists around the country. Their coalition, JUST ONE STEP FOR DEMOCRACY, has developed the website to showcase original videos and visuals from a wide array of artists expressing their feelings about our democratic ideals and telling voters why it is so crucial to take action, plan your vote and then make sure you do vote on or before November 3, 2020 in national, state and local elections.

JUST ONE STEP FOR DEMOCRACY is an official partner of Michelle Obama’s When We All Votecampaign.

“This election is crucial to maintaining America’s democratic institutions, which are being threatened to a degree we haven’t experienced in a long, long time,” said the coalition’s Founder and Executive Producer, Arnetia Walker, a highly respected theater, TV and film actor. “We realized that, as a creative community, we could add our voices to the plan your vote movement by producing and distributing entertaining and inspiring messages created through spoken word, music, song, dance, and more.”

The website also includes useful resource information on the election: how to vote by absentee ballot, online voter registration and basic civics.

Additional founding members of JUST ONE STEP FOR DEMOCRACY include Vicki McCarty, Co-Executive Producer, a talent management and indie film producer; Stephen Nachamie, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, award-winning stage and film director; Ariel Estrada, Media and Marketing Manager, an actor, singer, arts advocate, and producer; Adrian Bailey, acclaimed Broadway dancer, vocalist and performer; Yvette Cason, singer songwriter, television and film actress; Bobby Daye, singer/songwriter and stage actor; Gabrielle deBarros, writer; Sylvia MacCalla, theater, TV and film performer; Brian Norber, actor and fine artist; Shayna Penn, stage manager; Roger Rosen, poet, essayist, playwright and theater performer; Rona Siddiqui, composer and lyricist; Takisia Whites, community development consultant. For more information about the founding members, please visit

A growing number of artists has enthusiastically submitted content and with election day getting closer, word is spreading that this is a great opportunity for artists to make a difference by creatively expressing why it is crucial to take action and vote.
“We’re overjoyed at the wonderful quality of content we have been receiving to post on our website,” said Walker. “Just as importantly, we need people to get out and vote. We hope that our website’s content will continue to inspire, inform, and motivate.

Additional artists who have added their creative talents to the website include Antonio Biggers Sr. “DJ Skillz,” Underscore, Hip Hop, Videographer; Quincy Coleman, Songwriter, Singer; John Scott Clough, Videographer, Editor, Actor, Singer; Mike Gormley, Talent Manager; Susan-Kate Heaney, Actor, Writer; Elza Libhart, Singer, Songwriter; Eric Nicolas, Citizen’s Protest Band, Musician, Songwriter.

Singers, songwriters, musicians, musical groups, actors, dancers, writers, fine artists, cartoonists, video producers and more who have original content to be considered for posting on the website, please contact Arnetia Walker at
Many of the coalition’s videos can serve as compelling public service announcements and so the group will be submitting these to media outlets for their use, as well, during the campaign season.



  • Use our creativity to engage and inspire citizens to take action and vote.
  • Encourage diverse and marginalized voices to take “One Step” forward for Democracy.
  • Hold public servants accountable to their words, actions, and the oaths they took.
  • Amplify issues of local, regional, and national importance.

We model the values of inclusion, honesty, respect, and fairness as we work together to achieve our goal.


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