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Brompton Technology and FNTECH deliver future @ OC6

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • November 13, 2019

SAN JOSE, Ca – At the end of September, the industry’s leading developers, creators and visionaries gathered at Facebook’s Oculus Connect 6 conference at the San Jose McEnery Convention Centre in California to celebrate what the social media giant describes as VR’s journey and the road ahead. With the help of Brompton Technology’s industry-leading 4K Tessera SX40 LED screen processor, California-based full-service technology company FNTECH delivered stunning visuals in keeping with the event’s vision of the future.

More details from Brompton Technology (

In 2011, FNTECH forged a strong partnership with Facebook, which has only grown with time. The company’s initial dealings were on small events, supplying gear and event management for intimate meetings and micro launches. Fast forward to 2019 and FNTECH now produces both of Facebook’s largest annual shows: Oculus Connect and the Facebook Developer Conference. In fact, FNTECH has been a part of Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, for the past nine years and 2019 marks its sixth year working on Oculus Connect.

“This year at Oculus Connect 6, we used Brompton’s SX40 in combination with its XD data distribution units on the main screens and the 144ft banner display, where we used ROE CB3X and ROE Black Diamond 2.6 LED panels, respectively,” says FNTECH’s Owner and CEO Jeremy Muir. “Simply put, our clients are looking for spectacular resolution. We believe the Tessera SX40 is the highest quality, most flexible 4K processing platform on the market. Being able to run fibre out to XD units, rather than multiple CAT 5/6 across hundreds of linear feet is clean and a massive timesaver during install/strike. 14-way color correction works well for us. With our larger shows being webcast to millions, color reproduction and control are extremely important.” Earlier this year, FNTECH used the same technology and color space on F8 with 14 SX40 units and 48 XD units driving a massive 1612 panels of ROE Black Diamond 2.6, totaling over 59.4 million pixels.

“The response to this incredible visual scape and superior viewing experience is overwhelmingly positive, both in the media and with our Facebook/Oculus partners,” Muir concludes. “The overall horizontal resolution at Oculus Connect 6, including the stage left and right banner’s, was above 28K, once again showcasing double-digit processing and XDs.

“Since the launch of the SX40, we have exclusively used the Tessera processor and ROE tile combination and they’ve delivered perfection every time.”

Picture courtesy of CineStack INC



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