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CBI Cables Adds DMX to Ethercon Adapter

PLSN Staff • Product News • September 11, 2019


NEW YORK – CBI Cables is adding a DMX to Ethercon Adapter to make your lighting production more versatile by delivering a seamless conversion through two different styles.

More details from CBI Cables (

The adapter comes as either a heavy-duty box or a flexible cable that both convert the DMX line to a single RJ-45 to be transferred over a single Cat5E shielded cable for lighting. Available in both 3 and 5-pin, as well as various cable lengths to go with it, the adapters can modify a setup to meet your requirements.

With a robust, square-edged design, the adapter box will lay flat to avoid unnecessary wear and tangling to your attached cables, whereas, the adapter cable is pliable enough to fit any operation, and still offers the control and durability expected in a CBI product.

For those looking for the capacity of additional lines without another snake – this adapter is an efficient conversion with a clean aesthetic. It makes easier use and convenience possible by adapting to both short and long runs.

Users will get a strong, smooth signal at an exceptional value with CBI’s DMX to Ethercon Adapter.


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