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Change of time of the “Event Engineering Across the Atlantic” webinar

PLSN Staff • News • October 2, 2020


KNOXVILLE – Due to the enormous interest of participants registering for the “Event Engineering Across the Atlantic” webinar due to take place on the west coast of the United States, we have decided to slightly change the time of the webinar.

Please note that the new time is now 9:00 AM PDT & 12:00 PM EDT. Previous registrations are still valid.

Starting with the use of products from all over the world, to shows and events that tour continents, and culminating with multinational planning teams, the Event Industry is increasingly becoming more and more internationally focused.

In our new Webinar we will focus on event engineering in America and Europe.

Joining us are Joe Champelli (Vice President of Entertainment Project Services, LLC), who will be chatting with Jeffrey Reder (Co-Founder of Clark Reder Engineering, Inc.) and Norbert Tripp (Technical Director of Area Four Industries), about the similarities and differences existing in areas such as standards, statics, and truss calculations.


Be sure not to miss this unique opportunity and sign up for the Webinar  as soon as possible. Capacity is limited!


Date and Time of Webinar:

Thursday October 8th, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM PDT & 12:00 PM EDT


Hurry up and subscribe to the Webinar now!


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