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Epson Releases Updated EPPT Multi-Projector Setup Software and Adds Support for Apple’s macOS 

PLSN Staff • Product News • July 13, 2020

 LONG BEACH, Calif. – Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide,1 today announced a new version of Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT), a free software utility that helps users setup multiple Epson networked projectors in a large space. Version 1.3 provides support for macOS® for the first time, in addition to Windows®. This software offers easy access to the powerful projection features built into the Epson Pro L-Series laser projectors, including geometric correction, edge blending, auto color calibration, and screen matching.

More details from Epson (

Blockhouse Studios, an audio and video production company, has been leveraging Epson’s EPPT software since its initial launch. “Whether using four or 16 projectors, the EPPT software has allowed us to blend, warp, color match, and configure projectors from one central location. With an easy to use interface, we can quickly train our teams to execute stunning projects time and time again,” said Kevin Winkler, owner, Blockhouse Studios. “Epson is consistently leading in projector innovation, and we are excited to see the addition of macOS – it will greatly help in the pre-production and execution for our future digital art experiences.”

Epson Projector Professional Tool features:

–        Highly efficient and time saving – Control projectors without a remote, including lens shift, shutter and power; also allows for controlling multiple projectors at once

–        Easy to use – Offers an intuitive user interface

–        Simple connectivity and control – Intuitive operation allows for control of multiple networked projectors; projectors in the same network are automatically found and displayed

–        Powerful tools – Allows for easy access to powerful built in tools in the Pro L-Series projectors including geometric correction and edge blending

–        Auto color calibration and screen matching – Quickly adjust the brightness and color of networked projectors via their built-in cameras

–        Tiling assist – Helps deliver seamless multi-projector displays, making big screen projection a snap; currently available for the Epson Pro L20000UNL and Pro L12000QNL

“The EPPT software has been very well received and we’ve seen many live event production companies leverage this tool to execute unique projection applications,” said Ramzi Shakra, product manager, large venue projectors, Epson America, Inc. “We are excited to launch the latest version with updated functionality and support for macOS, allowing even more users to take advantage of this advanced and intuitive software.”

To learn more about EPPT and download the software, visit Epson’s website. To access all the EPPT features for projectors, the latest Pro L firmware can be downloaded here.


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