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Antari USA Becomes Sole U.S. Distributor for All Antari Brands

PLSN Staff • News • December 2, 2020


LOS ANGELES – Antari Lighting and Effects USA, the distribution channel of Antari Lighting and Effects, has recently become the sole exclusive distributor of the entire Antari Brand lineup in the USA. Antari is best known for their quality and reliable effects machines, but also manufactures high end UV products and sanitizing vaporizers. All Antari brands remain available and current, including Antari, Dark FX, Air Guard, and FX Works.

More details from Antari (

“It’s business as usual, if you were purchasing Antari through other means, you’re automatically qualified to be a direct Antari USA dealer.” says Ray Villasenor, Antari USA’s General Manager. “There are many benefits both to our company and our customers when we as the manufacturer distribute our own products.”

These benefits specific to Antari USA include:

Lower Costs: Buying directly from the manufacturer will often help you get the products you need at a lower cost by cutting out the middleman.

Sales Process Control: Manufacturers are typically more informed about their own products, which will help us sell the product more effectively while educating the potential customer.

Direct Customer Feedback: Receiving direct feedback from the customers allows us to solve any issues and improve the quality of our products and services.

Better Customer Support and Warranty: With no middleman, the process of the distribution and shipping allows us to better perform the necessary quality checks and provide our customers with better support and warranties.

Antari USA has also taken care of any potential issues like spend levels for qualifying as a customer. The new process for ordering Antari USA equipment is simple, if you could get Antari in the past you qualify for an Antari USA dealership with no minimum purchase.

Most importantly Antari wants all customers to know that all products remain current and available through this transition and beyond, no products have been discontinued.




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